Oh My Stars

Mars square Pluto is exact on Sunday, but both planets are slow enough that the square will be in effect for the next week or so. Mars and Pluto have somewhat similar goals and temperaments. Mars is all drive and ambition, and doesn’t really do sitting still or patience very well. Pluto likes drive and ambition too, but would much rather take a flamethrower to all that mess in the living room than clean up properly.

The good news is that this aspect can potentially lead to some real breakthroughs in long-standing problems. The bad news is that this potentially unstable energy might make it hard for you to tell the difference between your keys and your sledgehammer when it comes to unlocking your potential.

None of this is likely to make your relationships with other people run very smoothly. But: before you start blaming others for all the unnecessary jolts people give you in the next few days, consider the wisdom of Raylan Givens (the lead character in Justified)… and yes, I’ve cleaned up the language here for the Beliefnet audience… “If you meet a jerk in the morning, you met a jerk. If you meet jerks all day long… you’re the jerk.”

weaseldamus mars square pluto

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