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matthew currie astrology george takeiOh George… what a mess. I honestly don’t know whether or not the recent accusation of sexual assault is true or not. Maybe I don’t even need to know whether or not it’s true. Either way this has to be a punch in the gut. The good news is that I think I have a solution for you.

I often end up telling my clients that it is not my job to tell them what to do. And then after that, I usually pause and then half-jokingly add “but if it was my job… here’s what I’d tell you.” So in that spirit, let me give you my two cents worth on your current situation. Your birth chart is currently getting a beating from transiting Saturn. You are currently experiencing the waning Saturn square, and that can be a very difficult time.

Transiting Uranus, meanwhile, is hovering close to your Sun. Not only is that going to cause a lot of unpredictable jolts to your self-image, the Sun in your birth chart is also the ruler of your 7th house. This is unlikely to be good news for your relationship. I’m not just referring to your husband here. I know it isn’t nearly as exciting to talk about in the media, but I know you are also facing some questions about your unreported commercial endorsements. You’re a hugely popular guy. You promoting something on your Facebook page or on Twitter is pure advertising gold… but (as you now know) you are supposed to announce it when that link you post is something you were paid to post.


I want you to understand, George: I think you are a great guy. You were an important part of my formative years on Star Trek. You still do the world great good. But if there is one thing we are all having to face lately, it’s this: sometimes good people do bad things.

You’ve always been out front and ahead of the pack when it came to such important issues as gay rights, and not letting America forget that it interned Japanese citizens during World War II.

You may be experiencing your Saturn square and transiting Uranus on your Sun now, but something magical will be happening before the end of the year. Transiting Saturn will make the exact trine to your Sun. Combined with the transit from Uranus, this gives you a rare and fairly unique opportunity to essentially reboot yourself in the eyes of the public.

So here’s what I’m suggesting: come clean. Be bold and forthright and honest with yourself and with all of us and we will love you all the more for it. I know a lot of things suck right now, but you’ve got this. Face this with the boldness and bravery we would expect from an Aries with Mars in Sagittarius like you, and with the decency and humility we know you have, what with your Moon in Virgo.

Be unafraid. Be forthright. And know that no matter what has happened, how it ends is in your hands. With the transit you’re having in December you have the chance to gain back so much of a credit you’ve lost, and perhaps even more.

I don’t know whether or not to believe what you’ve been accused of, but I do know that I believe in you, George. Don’t let yourself down, and don’t let this opportunity pass.

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