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matthew currie astrology seduce a leoBefore you raise the curtain on your planned drama with the Leo of your choice, go here and read the Introduction to this series (CLICK HERE for it).

Leos usually come across as a lot of fun, and who can blame you for wanting to get in on the fun yourself? Astrologically, the Fifth Sign (Leo) and The Fifth House (romance) have a lot in common, but that doesn’t make a Leo THAT easy to score points with. Although every Leo has their fun and goofy side somewhere, but you’ll need to know when to lighten up and when to take them very, very seriously.

NICE KITTY: You always have to play it by ear a little when it comes to physical contact with someone on the first date or early in a relationship. Once the door is open to that, Leos actually do seem to enjoy those little touches and cuddles (just like a cat) more so than the average person. You may not want to scratch one behind the ears, but a playful stroke here and there will do wonders.

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Everyone wants to be the center of attention on a date, but a Leo needs that even more. They aren’t “egomaniacs” as some have stated: rather, their egos need just a touch more reassurance than those of other Signs. Those little words and acts of praise are pure gold for winning a Leo’s heart.

WHATEVER YOU SAY, DEAR: It may be kind of a no-brainer that if you want to win someone over, you shouldn’t put them down or dismiss them. Letting a Leo have their own way is important to them, and the truth is that they’re generous enough to let you have our way too… provided you’ve passed the all-important test of letting them get THEIR way first.

RAISE YOUR OWN GAME: Leos like to look good and feel that they are worthy of attention, and they particularly appreciate that quality in a mate too. Hey, no one wants to be seen with a complete loser, do they? If you’re spending time with a Leo in a social situation, look good and be on your best behavior. Cause embarrassment for a Leo, and you can wave that Lion goodbye.

Finally, something to avoid if you have your eyes on the Leo prize: Leo isn’t (usually) obnoxious about being Number One, but when it comes to discussing your romantic past or potential romantic rivals, you’d better make really sure that in no way shape or form that you’re saying or implying that your ex So And So was really good looking or fabulously rich or incredibly talented or whatever… at least, not nearly as much as your dear Leo. The past is the past, so by definition Leo wins the competition if that’s who you’re checking out now… got that?

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