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matthew currie astrology seduce a cancerWait! Proceed with caution! Cancer is sensitive territory! Follow all safety procedures carefully, starting with the introduction to this series — CLICK HERE for details!

What’s not to love about a Cancer? That sweet and sensitive nature, backed b a spine of steel, is pretty appealing. This is one of the hardest of Signs to “pull one over” on — that sensitivity of theirs is a great prize, and Great Prizes are something you don’t just go handing out to everyone who asks. A Cancer can be a bit of work to get, but they’re generally worth it. Learn how to work with their emotions and defenses, and you’ve got pure gold.

FEELINGS: Specifically, we’re talking about tactile sensations. Cancers love physical comfort, so make sure you wear something that looks and feels comfortable to cuddle up to. One day cashmere will make a big comeback, and when that day comes, Cancer will be the first in line for it.

NOBODY GETS HURT!: There’s a certain school of thought out there that you can score points with someone by knocking them down or deflating their ego a bit. That’s probably not advisable at the best of times, but it’s a doubly doomed strategy with Cancer. If a Crab Person shows interest in you, they’re also likely to be a little wary as well, so be as sincere and pleasant and non-judgmental as you can.

BRING THE CHOW: Everyone loves a good meal, but Cancers are particularly susceptible to the charms of a fine feeding of comfort food. Bonus points if you cooked it yourself. A comfortable restaurant where no one is particularly worried about their calorie count could be the ideal setting for a first date. Crabs and Carbs: they go together naturally.

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE PAST: Cancers have a reputation for being particularly attached to their past, their memories, and their families. Don’t worry, your turn to talk about all those things will come up too, but let Cancer open up about these things and, if you’re taking a genuine interest, you’ll make progress with your Crab Person.

Finally, something to avoid: teasing. You’ve got to get really really deep inside Cancer’s defensive radius before you can get away with that. If you do, you may get what you think is a positive, humored response at first… but it’s going on your permanent record, and not in a good way.

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