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Mars is where you get your bollocks from. Named after the God of War, the Red Planet has been a popular source of fictional invaders over the years, and that’s appropriate: Mars has a lot to do with your drives, your ambitions, and your temper. Mars also has a lot to do with your sex drive. People who have strong Mars placements in their birth charts with a lot of difficult aspects to it tend to be competitive, oversexed, or just plain obnoxious. It’s also where you get a lot of your drive in general from, so without it you wouldn’t really get anything done. Of course, all of these negative attributes are also prime qualities of the typical Space Hero who shows up to drive off the Martian invaders. That may not be the sort of behavior you’d welcome at your next dinner party, but you’ve got to admit that sometimes it’s good to have a Space Hero around.

Mars also rules processes involving heating and cutting things, like cooking. That’s why I’ve turned this series of blog entries over to famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay, who will give you his personal opinion of the pros and cons of Mars through each sign in the birth chart… presented “Hell’s Kitchen” style. Well, let’s be honest… this is Gordon Ramsay, so it’s mostly cons. (Also, these aren’t real Gordon Ramsay quotes, but I have a lot of soft aspects to my Mars, so I tend to get my results by being quiet and a little under-handed.)

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius enjoys starting up games, spots, and philosophical arguments. You might well be suited to a career in the military, despite the fact that normally people have a hard time telling you what to do. You have a strong idealistic streak, and easily rise to the occasion when there is a larger principle that needs to be defended. Mars in Sagittarius people need to keep moving, and will often lapse into depression if they don’t make getting out and staying busy a priority. You are a fierce fighter, but usually play fair. People with Mars in Sagittarius tend to treat sex like it’s a sport. This can be a good thing (in that it makes you want to improve your score) and a bad thing (because your partner may sense it’s just a game to you). Regardless of your experience level, you are a quick and enthusiastic student.

“You overcooked a salad! A f–king salad! That’s what happens when you try to cook nine things at once. And did you even open a cook book? That raw veal ought to be a big f–king hit with the customers.”

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is focused, intense, and efficient. This is generally considered to be the “best” Mars placement, as feisty Mars benefits from Capricorn’s sense of self-control. You likely don’t lose your temper quickly or loudly. When you put your mind to it, however, you can be incredibly vengeful and are willing to wait as long as it takes for the perfect moment to strike. You like to be given clear-cut, practical guidance at work and in your relationships, which tends to be good for one and no so romantic for the other. Mars in Capricorn uses its energy efficiently, but can’t stand “laziness” in others. You are warm and affectionate with the ones you love, but can easily turn it off like a switch when they’ve hurt or disappointed you. Once you are focused on a goal, you are likely to achieve it, regardless of who or what has to be bulldozed to get to it.

“Orderly presentation, everything cooked properly and on time. Nothing burnt. Excellent job. Except, of course, this isn’t a f–king McDonald’s. It’s called ‘panache,’ look it the f–k up.”

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