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weekend love forecast bannerLooking for love this weekend? Looking for a good time with someone new? Well, I’m sorry — I do readings and I’m not into that sort of thing, no matter how well it pays (rimshot). But if you are in a relationship, or looking for a new one, or simply want to socialize over the weekend, keeping an eye on the transits that are happening can improve your odds of finding what you want.

The biggest single influence happening this weekend is Mars square Neptune and Mars trine Jupiter. These aspects can both amplify the sex drive (Jupiter loves amplifying things) and soften it somewhat (Neptune likes it soft) — making what could be a raging lion a big lovable pussy cat (make up your own “cougar” joke), if you will. On the other hand, Mars square Neptune may not do wonders for your judgement, so think things through carefully before you agree to anything too crazy… unless of course, you’re a big fan of “crazy,” in which case, please use protection. And by “protection,” I mean “you may need to wear a helmet.”

FRIDAY: The Moon is in Sagittarius, which is great for partying and socializing. Get out there and have a good time — but keep in mind the cautions that come with that Mars-Neptune aspect.

SATURDAY: The Moon is still in Sagittarius, but make sure that if you have anything new planned (like a first date), get the festivities off the ground before 10:14 PM Eastern (7:14 PM Pacific), when the Moon turns Void of Course.

SUNDAY: Time for the nice, grounded sensibility of Moon in Capricorn! This could be a good day for a first date or to initiate some new course of action in your love life. Oh, and it’s Mother’s Day, so you better not forget about that either. Maybe you should bring Mom along on that date of yours? Nah…

THIS WEEK’S ROMANCE TIP:  Venus is in Aries all this month and for the first part of June. All else being equal, if you have a choice between a romantic activity or gesture that’s bold and direct or gentle and subtle? Go bold!

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