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Usually, Signs that are right next to each other don’t seem to have a whole lot in common. However, the last set of neighbors in the Zodiac have a common quality: they’re both a bit… weird. Aquarius wears a tinfoil hat to keep the CIA mind probes out of their brains, and Pisces wears a tinfoil hat in case the CIA is trying to read their minds and what it find there hurts its feelings. These qualities come out most distinctly when it comes to Venus placements. Let’s look at the differences between these two Venus Signs by checking their online activity as they look for a fair and equitable love relationship (Aquarius) that, odds are, probably doesn’t even exist (Pisces).

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius likes to think it’s in tune with some kind of Universal Love Vibration, and they often are. Of course, that can just be a nice way of saying “you are tough to pin down in a long-term relationship.” You probably have some unusual tastes in art, entertainment, and sex… and often treat sex as if it were a form of art and/or entertainment. It is, but your partners often wish you’d come across as more deeply emotionally involved. Venus in Aquarius people are prone to sudden, unusual attractions than often sputter out quickly, leaving their partners confused. You are unlikely to let age, status, race, religion, or common sense dictate who you become involved with. Venus in Aquarius has the strange appeal of an exotic bird, and is just as hard to keep happily caged in the long term. If your lover can’t also be your friend, then they probably don’t stand a chance with you.

“Dear SmalltownFlyGuy: I wasn’t sure if I’d respond to your ad until I saw the picture of you at the barbecue. There is nothing sexier than a man with a grill. And the shot of you getting the costume award at the science fiction convention was incredibly hot too. According to your interests, you read. So do I! We have so much in common! I’d love to meet you for coffee and go from there. I think we have real potential to click, and I’m told it’s time I settled down. And is that your room mate in that last picture? He’s pretty cute. He looks familiar — I think I may have dated him a few months ago. Bring him along too, I’m in a weird mood and I get bored quickly.”

Venus in Pisces

Pisces is possibly the strongest position in the Zodiac for Venus to be in, and people with that placement usually exemplify the finest Venusian qualities: loving, caring, creative, and compassionate. These qualities are often favorite targets for con men and heart-breakers, and your loving, compassionate handling of them doesn’t exactly help. You have a real capacity to empathize with others, and often rely on that rather than using logic. Since you have a lot of love to give, you’ve probably been cheated in this department more than once, and may be hesitant to get back up on that horse again. Nonetheless you are appealing enough that someone, eventually, will likely talk you into it. Relationships aren’t usually very hard work for you, which is good, because you don’t like hard work. Your kindness and empathy mean that in any relationship, you are likely to be the one doing most of the emotional heavy lifting.

“Dear Dreamerman: When I first saw your ad, I knew we were meant to be together throughout eternity. I know you’ve never had the love you deserved, but I am here to make that all better. And when you responded to my first message, that just confirmed it to me. Yes, I’d love to meet you for a few drinks. Any of the places you mentioned would be fine. If you buy the first round, I will let you name the babies. I’m so excited! I’ve never met anyone as amazing as you! One more question, though: it’s hard to tell with the beard, but aren’t you my ex-husband Dave? And what are you doing out of rehab so soon?”

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