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matthew currie astrology batman chartPersonality-based astrology drives me a little nuts. Yes, it’s a large part of the appeal of astrology, but like any stereotyping, it has its limits. Aquariuses really do tend to be a little odd, and Scorpios do seem to have a talent for brooding over things, but insisting that these are absolute standards not only dismisses the complexity of astrology but the complexities of human nature as well. That, plus so much about “personality” is subjective. Is Politician X a bold visionary who is unafraid to speak up, or a loudmouthed loony who won’t shut up? The answer to that depends as much on your politics as on a birth chart.

I’ve written before about the personalities of fictional characters (click HERE and HERE for more), but in terms of usefulness, I much prefer the results we get from what’s called “mundane astrology,” when one looks at (in the case of a fictional character) the first appearance in public as an indicator of future popular success (see here for examples using Star Trek and Godzilla).

Frankly, I’m concerned about the future of Batman — or more accurately, the future of the commercial viability of the character — based on upcoming transits to the chart of his first appearance. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27, with a cover date of May 1930. But as I noted in my Luke Cage article, comic and magazine dates don’t match the actual printing date. However, we do know that Detective Comics #27 first entered the world on March 30, 1939, thanks to the Catalog of Copyright Entries For Periodicals (you see the research I do for you, Dear Reader?). Using this date gives us the birth chart for Batman that I posted at the top of this entry (click to enlarge). The “time of birth” of noon is speculative, but Cancer Rising seems likely based on the time of year, latitude, and regular business hours — and Pluto on the Ascendant certainly matches the character.

Even though I just picked on “personality-based” astrology, at the same time I have to admit that in previous entries about fictional characters there are distinct parallels between the “personality” of a fictional character and that character’s First Appearance Chart. And… sorry all those of you who insist that Batman just has to be a Scorpio… the Aries chart fits the character of Batman nicely.

A few points that jump immediately out at me:

  • Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Aries: Action-oriented and bold.
  • Sun square Mars: Unafraid, even when he probably should be.
  • Venus quincunx Pluto: An erratic love life, driven in part by fears of loss or abandonment from childhood
  • Moon in Leo conjunct (although out-of-Sign) Pluto: Loves the drama of dressing up and playing a role, forceful about imposing himself on others when he feels he needs to.
  • Jupiter opposite Neptune: Intellectually bold and curious, subscribes to a unique world-view
  • Uranus conjunct South Node: driven by unusual circumstances from his formative years.

Now, having said all that, clearly Batman is well-equipped to survive bad times. However, I believe the transits show that The Caped Crusader faces challenging times ahead…

NEXT TIME: Using Mundane Astrology, I look at the future of Batman, and why he might finally succumb to the greatest of all his enemies… Hollywood Business Practices!

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