Imagine facing circumstances in your life — and transits telling you they’ll only get worse — that are so bad that your best hope is to run down the clock and die before anything worse happens. This is the position Bill Cosby finds himself in now.

I know, I know: there have been lots of terrible things going on with lots of folks in the last while, but bear with me. This story may have gone on the back burner, but it’s far from over. I wrote about this once before, but Bill still hasn’t taken my advice, so now an update…


He was perhaps the single most dominant figure on television in the 1980s. His show was hugely popular, which was achievement enough, but it was also unique. Instead of going for the cheap laughs, it presented endless positive images of black people and women and teenagers and society in general. Watching “The Cosby Show” was like having a genuinely tasty organic salad once a week instead of your usual diet of greasy cheeseburgers and fries. It was the kind of show you could watch with your grandmother, and you would both enjoy it, and there would be no awkward moments.

Now: go Google “Bill Cosby assaults” and whatever you do, don’t do it from work.

It appears that Bill Cosby has (allegedly) devastated the lives of over fifty women. I’ll give that a moment to sink in, and maybe you should too.

What’s remarkable about this case is that, as sex scandals involving public figures go, it did not erupt into the public consciousness all at once. This isn’t a case like actor Stephen Collins, whose entire public image crashed and burned over the course of less than a week. The scandal has inched along imperceptibly over the years, somehow managing to be both public knowledge and unknown at the same time. It isn’t too much of a stretch to insist that somehow the collective pop culture consciousness simply didn’t want to believe it.


An aside: it seems unfair that the notoriety Mr. Cosby has taken on prevents TV stations from running his old show, and that’s a shame because that means that plenty of talented (and innocent) people are being deprived of their royalties. Here’s an idea for Disney/Lucasfilm: buy up all the rights to The Cosby Show now while they’re dirt cheap, then digitally replace him with Jar Jar Binks. I swear it’ll make a fortune!


What could it be about Bill Cosby’s birth chart that could be the drive behind this? First of all, the primary indicator of the sex drive in a birth chart is Mars. In Cosby’s case (born July 12 1937, 12:30 AM, Germantown Pennsylvania — there’s some argument over that time though) Mars is in Scorpio and it is in the Eighth House, both very strong placements. His Mars receives two sextiles: one from Jupiter and one from Neptune. Jupiter amplifies and encourages, and Neptune the can often bring boundary issues with it. On top if that, his Mars is trine his Sun and Mercury and opposite his Uranus. None of these aspects in and of themselves guarantees bad behavior, but they all point to a strongly developed sex drive, and one that is relatively controlled. “Strong sex drive” and “control” are the two elements all his accuser’s stories share.

That Mars may also be the indicator of how Bill was able to get away with it for so long. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and that’s Bill Cosby’s rising sign: the indicator of how he comes across to people and interacts with the public in general. With all those strong aspects to the ruler of his Ascendant, it’s easy to see how Cosby could maintain self-control with his public appearances. In other words: he may have done terrible things, but he simply seems too contained to be the kind of person you’d expect that from. Again: some things are terrible enough, but when the person perpetrating them has a carefully-crafted Friendly Father Figure image, it’s even easier to not think about that person’s dark side.

All of these things set up the conditions, but remember: moral choice over what to do with your birth chart is up to you. These factors in Cosby’s natal chart don’t guarantee he’ll do evil things with it. That’s on him, not his chart.


Pluto has been near Cosby’s Midheaven for a few years now. Over that stretch of time, word of his behaviors towards young women has slowly seeped out. The Midheaven is not just an indicator of career: it is the point in your chart that shows where and how you make your mark in life. Pluto can bring huge changes, often deep and devastating ones. The Uranus-Pluto square has seen the public slowly become more aware of Mr. Cosby’s unsavory personal life, but now that square is reaching the exact degree once more, and it will be doing so within a degree of his Midheaven, reaching the exact in December.

If (as I mentioned earlier) the time of birth I’m using is correct, Pluto crossing Cosby’s Midheaven explains the development deals with both NBC and Netflix that were cancelled in last year and a half. Even if it isn’t we know that Pluto will be conjunct Cosby’s Jupiter and transiting Uranus will be square his Jupiter for the next couple of years… and Jupiter is the natural ruler of legal issues. There will be a trial date set by the summer of 2017, so no matter what his other transits will be, Uranus and Pluto will still be battering Bill Cosby mercilessly… almost as if he was a drugged and unconscious victim of his transits.

Tick tock, Bill. Tick tock.

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