beliefnet astrology matthew currie hulk hogan sex tape publishedAstrology can predict the future, but it’s not easy. Not only can a birth chart sometimes be difficult to interpret, but the transits are no piece of cake either. Think of the worst day of your life, whenever that may have been. You may have actually had a couple of positive-looking transits at the time, or at the very least had them a few days before or after that really bad day. So how the heck is an astrologer supposed to pick out your worst day a year ahead of time?

In theory, at least, it can be done. But theory and practice are two different things. Under ideal circumstances, a cruise missile should only hit the exact correct target and kill the exact right people. And in case you hadn’t heard, that is far from the reality. Just like predictions made by economists, the further you look into the future and the greater degree of detail you demand, the harder it becomes to produce pinpoint accuracy.

(Nah, scratch that. As I’ve written elsewhere, astrologers are much better at predicting the future than economists. But you know what I mean.)

Likewise, consider the difficulties of looking at the astrology of whenever a famous person is in the news for something good or bad. Celebrities lie about their age a lot of the time, not to mention the inherent difficulties of finding out a famous person’s exact, correct time of birth.

On the other hand, sometimes circumstances will provide the exact data you need to interpret an event. I’ve written here before on the subject of mundane astrology: events have their own distinct birth chart, and sometimes they can tell a story without even having to look at the birth charts of the people involved. Such a recent case is the lawsuit between Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media, in which Hulk Hogan won a 115 million dollar judgement against the internet news pioneer.

Beliefnet is probably not the kind of place where I should go into all the gruesome details about what the lawsuit was about. A sex tape was involved, which Gawker published a portion of without his permission (obviously). If you need to know more of the details, go ahead and look them up… but I’d suggest you probably shouldn’t do it from work.

I haven’t been able to find a time or a confirmed place of birth for Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker Media, but we know his date of birth is August 24 1966, time unknown, probably Hampstead England. Yes, not knowing the exact time or an exact place makes prediction difficult, but as long as you’re looking for general trends instead of precise details it can be done.

Hulk Hogan on the other hand does appear to have a correct time and place of birth publicly listed… but first a word of caution about that. If you ever go to Google and type in the name of a celebrity with “astrology” afterwards, there is one site in particular that is most likely to come up first. However, that site (no names!) is not always reliable. For one thing, the site does not tend to list where it got its data from, and at least one celebrity case that I am aware of, the site is repeating an unconfirmed time of birth as if it were the gospel truth, and it appears not to be. Again: no names! But for the record, Hulk was born on August 11, 1953 in Augusta, GA… and maybe at 6:13 AM.

In the case of Hulk vs. Gawker, there are three things I can tell you with absolute certainty:

1) Hulk Hogan is having some very good transits right now. He’s having his Jupiter Trine, and that is traditionally associated with good fortune. Saturn has moved out of range to square his Moon (assuming that time of birth is reasonably accurate). Transiting Saturn square the natal Moon is an emotionally painful time — and imagine having to testify about your leaked sex tape with the entire world watching. But now, Saturn is approaching the exact trine to his Sun. Furthermore, if the time of birth we have is accurate, that Solar Eclipse in Pisces landed in Hulk’s Eighth House, which rules both “sex” and “other people’s money.”

2) Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker Media, got bitten good and hard by that solar eclipse in Pisces. As I pointed out in my article about it, those born between 1964 and 1966 will be feeling that Eclipse more than most, since it was opposite their Uranus-Pluto conjunction… all while transiting Saturn squares that point. Having Jupiter retrograde pass over that Uranus-Pluto conjunction (within a degree of exact when the decision came down) certainly didn’t help.

3) The actual event chart for the publication of the news story (which resulted in the lawsuit) tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the case, and the transits to that inception chart were striking at the time of judgement. This news story was almost literally born to explode almost exactly four years later.

NEXT TIME: a through dissection of the birth chart of that one little news story that might bring the entire Gawker Media Empire to its knees.

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