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In Part One (which you can read HERE) I discussed something of the nature of Pisces and more specifically the nature of Tuesday’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces. An Eclipse is a difficult, slippery creature to grasp in terms of its astrological effects. It usually charges up a point in your chart which lies there silently until some transit sets it off. One of the things that makes this Eclipse particularly noteworthy is that Jupiter and Saturn are already aspecting that point now (and will reach the exact degree soon).

If you are familiar with your birth chart, look for the placements in your chart at 19 degrees of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces). This is where the sudden and surprising and seemingly “fated” nature of this eclipse is likely to affect you. As for those degrees in the other Signs? I’m not too concerned with trines and sextiles and minor aspects here. A Solar Eclipse trine your Jupiter is like winning a free margarita at a Cinco De Mayo party… good news, sure, but hardly like winning the lottery if you’d already planned to get drunk that day anyway. If you aren’t familiar with the details of your chart and you’re concerned about the next few months of your life… well, that’s why I do readings. Click on the link to my e-mail address below and ask for details.

One clue as to how specifically this Eclipse might affect you: has there been anything particularly off the rails about your life since about January this year? Saturn has been affecting the Eclipse Degree since then, and will for the next couple of months… and then will return to that point in November 2016-January 2017.

(Please note: I haven’t listed every possible placement in your chart here, just some of the noteworthy ones. And as with all things in life: your mileage may vary. Also: the effects of this Solar Eclipse remains in effect until September 1st, when the next Solar Eclipse happens.)

If you were born: March 4-15, June June 3-14, September 6-16, or December 4-16 (in any year), this Eclipse is messing with The Sun in your birth chart. Who are you really, and what are you doing with your life? If you’ve had many doubts about this in the last couple of months, you can expect the other shoe to drop… for good or ill… relatively soon.

If your Ascendant is between 14-24 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, the big question this Eclipse could be raising is “who are these people in my life?” Also: “what am I doing for these people and what am I doing for them?” Also, possibly: “who the heck are you, how did you get into my life? Did I leave the front door unlocked or something?”

If your Midheaven is between 14-24 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, this Eclipse could be doing big things to your career path (or lack thereof), or in a more general sense, “what you want to be when you grow up.”

If your Jupiter is between 14-24 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces (too many dates in the last century to list here… you can look it up or ask an astrologer): you could experience a sudden and dramatic change of fortunes… whether that’s “fortunes” in the strictly financial sense or the larger “fate” sense. Don’t count on winning the lottery because of this, though… because that ain’t gonna happen.

If you were born October 1949-March 1950, December 1957-November 1958, January 1966-February 1967, July-December 1972, August-December 1979, May-August 1980, January 1987-February 1988, March 1995-March 1996 (whew!): this Eclipse will be affecting your natal Saturn. “Fated” or unexpected events could very well tamper with your sense of order and structure in life, the foundations you’ ve built for yourself, and matters pertaining to the Capricorn House of your chart.

If you were born September 1965-September 1967, December 1984-June 1985, or October 1985-May 1987, this Eclipse will be aspecting your Uranus. Whatever it is that makes you a unique individual, a creative genius, or just a really interesting person will likely be subjected to unusual circumstances. Whether this means you’ll create life in a laboratory or that life escapes and attacks the local village is up to you and the rest of your birth chart.

If you were born January-June 1977, November 1977-January 1981, or June-November 1982, this Eclipse will be affecting your natal Neptune. Your feeling of spiritual connection to the Universe, and that little voice that’s always asking how you fit into the Big Picture is going to be affected by the unexpected.

If you were born October 1964-March 1965, August 1965-October 1969, March-April 2001, or January 2002-February 2006, This Eclipse will be stepping on your Pluto. You know that experience where you’re all alone and you keep hearing a noise that might be a rat burrowing through the wall, or a serial killer breaking in? Nothing probably came of that. Probably. Telling yourself that at the time didn’t do a whole lot from keeping you calm, for long, did it? But: my point here is, you survived it.

Please note again that this doesn’t cover all possible points in your birth chart, and that more than one point in your chart may be affected. Like, if you were born on March 4-15, June June 3-14, September 6-16, or December 4-16 in September 1965-September 1967, this Solar Eclipse will affect your Sun and Uranus and Pluto. Don’t panic about it though… ultimately the changes happening during the next few months will overall be positive in the long run. At least, that’s what I’m hoping, since that describes me… and I plan to spend hardly any time at all in the next few months hiding under my bed. Honest!

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