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In 2016 an astrologer will discover something both delicious yet truly tasteless.

There’s no special astrological significance to January 1st in and of itself, but since it’s the beginning of the year it’s usually the time when various writers bust out the “2016 Horoscope” for the Twelve Signs. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that’s not my usual style: Sign-based forecasts can miss a lot of important details (like the fact that there’s a lot more to your birth chart than just the Sun Sign). So, keeping this in mind let’s look at the major astrological events coming up in 2016.

There are four Mercury Retrograde periods to deal with: January 5-25, April 28-May 22, August 30-September 22, and finally December 19th to January 8, 2017. All the usual cautions about Mercury Retrograde apply.

There will be four eclipses in 2016: a total Solar eclipse on March 8th just shy of 19 degrees Pisces, a partial Lunar eclipse on March 23 at 3 degrees Libra, a partial Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo on September 1st, and finally a partial Lunar eclipse at 24 Pisces on September 16th. The usual unnecessary panic among astrology enthusiasts about these will undoubtedly happen again, just like in 2015 when the world failed to come to an end (again!) as predicted by Pastor John Hagee and as successfully dismissed by Yours Truly. However, feel free to panic again in 2016 as appropriate to your needs.

Jupiter and Saturn will be square each other in March, May and August. This could make for some difficult times in your relationships, commodities markets, and could stir up some international tensions (oh boy!). Jupiter enter Libra in September on September 9th, which should provide some relief from all of the above.

Saturn and Neptune will continue to square each other for much of 2016, with the last two exact square dates being June 17th and September 30th. More on that here.

And now… because everyone loves that sort of thing… here are my bold predictions for various famous people.

Bill Cosby (who is finally facing criminal charges) and for whom things got worse in December as I predicted elsewhere isn’t going to be getting much more good news. As a matter of fact, I’d keep an eye on his legal situation in October-December 2016 when Pluto is still near his Midheaven and Jupiter… ruler of legal matters… squares his Midheaven.

-Noted panderers to skeptics James Randi and the James Randi Educational Foundation will still make money off of straw man arguments against astrology while boldly ignoring my Ten Dollar Challenge to them.

-Don’t stand too close to, drive near, or date George Zimmerman (and don’t wear a hoodie in his neighborhood!) in September when Jupiter conjuncts his natal Mars-Saturn midpoint.

-I will still miss Leonard Nimoy.

As for your 2016, specifically? Write me for a reading. We’ll figure it out.

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