beliefnet astrology matthew currie venus retrograde“Hath God forgotten to be gracious? Hath he in anger shut up his tender mercies? Selah.”
-Psalm 77:9

Venus turns retrograde this Saturday. If you are familiar with the concept of Mercury retrograde, you know that it often a time when communications and agreements and short trips can go screwy for no good reason. But what happens when the planet that most represents the concept of love goes retrograde? Will our relationships go horribly wrong? Will our attempt to find love in the first place be doomed to failure? Why is my ex drunk-dialing me so much?

Not so fast there. There is hope.

First of all, I think it’s important to note that a further a planet is from the Sun, the longer its retrograde periods last. Pluto goes retrograde for months and months at a time without too much obvious effect. And I personally think that the further a planet is from the Sun, the less hazardous its retrograde periods are.

Nevertheless, traditionally astrologers would tell you that it’s a bad idea to get married or start a new relationship during a Venus retrograde, and that existing relationships are more likely to screw up. It would probably be more accurate and useful to say that during Venus retrograde, one should study and contemplate on these matters before one takes action. Yes, I believe a person can get married during Venus retrograde… but the other transits should probably be really good. Yes, one can start a new relationship during Venus retrograde, but you might want to put a little thought and caution into the matter before you hand over your heart or the key to your place.


There is a word that appears over 70 times in the Bible that has no confirmed exact translation: selah. It’s used mostly in Psalms, and may very well be some sort of musical notation. There is another interpretation of the word that I prefer. It is “pause and consider.”

When it comes to matters of the heart, I believe Venus Retrogrades are the ideal time to try to understand love and affection — what makes it work and where it breaks down. Selah.

That’s why I am teaching an online course about the astrology of love and compatibility starting this Saturday, when Venus goes retrograde (want details on how to join? Write me for details!) It is the ideal time to sit back and be mindful and pay attention to these things.

So: just like you shouldn’t automatically assume your emails will mess up during Mercury retrograde, you shouldn’t worry too much about the state of your love life when Venus is going backwards. But: be mindful of where and how and who you love, or would like to, or of the love you want but haven’t found yet.


An astrological forecast isn’t just a diktat from the heavens as to how your life has to be. It’s a weather report, and if you understand it you can use it to your best advantage. And when Venus is retrograde, if you are paying attention, it can do your love life much more good than any other time when Venus is traveling along normally. The choice is yours.


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