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October sees Mercury Retrograde from the 5th to the 25th and yes, that’s going to be kind of a pain in the butt. Venus moves into Scorpio and Mars into Capricorn and our basic drives all get a little more serious. But the big news is the total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th, which involves Uranus and a Venus-Pluto square.

Oh, cut that out. It’s not that bad. I’ll have details for you closer to the event. There’s also a Solar Eclipse in the first degree of Scorpio on the 23rd, and —

Will you please stop that???


Below is a listing for Void Of Course (VOC) Moon times and dates for the month of October  (if you’re unfamiliar with how useful the VOC Moon concept is, click here for more information). The particularly long and awful Voids are marked with **

All times are Eastern. You do the math.

Oct  2, 2014    12:18 PM               Moon sextile Saturn V/C
Oct  3, 2014     4:00 AM                Moon enters Aquarius
Oct  4, 2014     2:32 PM               Moon square Saturn V/C – edargorteR seog yrucreM
Oct  5, 2014     5:24 AM                Moon enters Pisces
Oct  6, 2014     3:38 PM               Moon trine Saturn V/C
Oct  7, 2014     6:07 AM                Moon enters Aries
Oct  8, 2014    6:51 AM Lunar Eclipse,    10:20 AM Moon trine Jupiter V/C**
Oct  9, 2014     7:44 AM                Moon enters Taurus
Oct 10, 2014     8:49 PM               Moon opposite Saturn V/C
Oct 11, 2014    11:51 AM                Moon enters Gemini
Oct 13, 2014     1:58 PM               Moon trine Mercury V/C
Oct 13, 2014     7:30 PM                Moon enters Cancer
Oct 15, 2014     7:27 PM               Moon square Mercury V/C
Oct 16, 2014     6:29 AM                Moon enters Leo
Oct 18, 2014     9:10 AM               Sun sextile Moon V/C
Oct 18, 2014     7:08 PM                Moon enters Virgo
Oct 20, 2014    11:30 PM               Moon square Mars V/C
Oct 21, 2014     7:12 AM                Moon enters Libra
Oct 23, 2014     1:22 PM           Moon sextile Mars V/C
Oct 23, 2014     5:10 PM                Moon enters Scorpio – then Lunar Eclipse at 5:57 PM
Oct 25, 2014    12:11 PM               Moon conjunct Saturn V/C – Mercury goes Direct
Oct 26, 2014    12:40 AM                Moon enters Sagittarius
Oct 27, 2014    12:18 PM               Moon trine Jupiter V/C**
Oct 28, 2014     6:03 AM                Moon enters Capricorn
Oct 29, 2014    11:01 PM               Moon sextile Saturn V/C
Oct 30, 2014     9:52 AM                Moon enters Aquarius

During the times listed, it is best to avoid starting or finishing any major projects or making important decisions. Click here for more info on what you can do during a Void of Course Moon to maximize your results.

Make sure you print this off and keep a copy. Once you’ve seen for yourself how powerful and useful a concept the VOC Moon really is, you’ll understand the true power of applied astrology. That time you’ll spend in the hammock while the other worker drones carry on with their little projects in a futile attempt to make their lives better? You’ll smile away and make you move at the right time and appear to win everything relatively easily and sure — if they don’t learn the power of working with the Moon, they may hate you. They may fear you. But the real story here is: you scored extra time in the hammock. Awww yeah.

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