beliefnet astrology matthew currie cardinal cross uranus(An introduction to the big celestial event of April, and why so many folks are stressed about it, is HEREPart one, all about Pluto’s role in the Cardinal Grand Cross, is HERE.)

As is the case with Pluto, Uranus is a very slow planet and even though it’s a powerful one, the effect that its transits have are sometimes hard to point at on any one specific day. You’ve already had a chance to see what it can bring, though: it has already passed through the degrees affected by the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross before this. Think back to how your life was running between May to July 2013. What was going off the rails back then? What areas of your life were most agitated, or most subject to unusual circumstances? Those were the last times Uranus passed through the degrees it is in now and will be in for the Cardinal Grand Cross. Unlike those times though, it is now joined by three other planets in making trouble — or is that “creating opportunities?” — for you.

What we’re seeing here is essentially a big, temporary amplification of The Uranus-Pluto square, and if you aren’t familiar with what that’s all about, click HERE and HERE for more details.

Uranus can cause jolts and shocks aplenty, but it is not without its charms or its uses. It is the planet of individual genius in creativity. It may rule freak circumstances, but sometimes freak circumstances are a good thing, or result in change for the better. Keep that in mind during the Cardinal Grand Cross  and you will likely be able to use your own genius to find creative solutions to the issues you face. Be bold and be brave: Uranus likes that sort of thing.

As before, some things to keep in mind before you worry too much:

This is a listing of how Uranus will aspect the outer planets only. Your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) and your angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, and their opposites) may be affected, and some of those transits could well be positive and constructive ones. Don’t go off and panic based on just any one “bad” transit. Likewise, it’s possible that you weren’t born into one of the age groups listed below but are still going to feel the Cardinal Grand Cross.

The age groups listed below will be getting the strongest effects from this transit, but other age groups will be getting some effects too. Like for example, if you were born between August 1965-February 1966 or April-August 1994, transiting Pluto is sextile your Saturn in Pisces, and now is a good a time for you to “get your act together.” I admit it… I only listed those age groups who will be having the most obvious problems with it.

When in doubt… consult an astrologer. That’s what we’re here for.

If you were born:

September 1947-December 1949, or March-October 1950, you have Neptune in Libra, and transiting Uranus is opposite it: reality has a nasty way of shaking your hopes and dreams sometimes, and often in startling and unexpected ways. This is just life’s way of inviting you to find better and more achievable dreams.

July-October 1952, January-May 1953 OR September-November 1981, or May-July 1982, you have Saturn in Libra, and transiting Uranus is opposite it: The old ways of doing things and ordering your life may simply not be working anymore. The sooner you face that and find new ways to build play if you want, the better off you will be. This transit is giving you the opportunity to apply some personal genius to the same old, same old.

May-September 1967 or February-April 1968 OR March-May 1997 or October 1997-February 1998, you have Saturn in Aries, and transiting Uranus is conjunct it: breaking up is hard to do, whether it’s a relationship or your relationship to how you have ordered your life. The truth though is that sometimes that is a very healthy process, and can help you find new in the brilliant ways to assemble something better out of the wreckage.

July 1951-August 1952 or January-May 1953, you have Uranus in Cancer, OR January 1991-February 1992 or June-December 1992, you have Uranus in Capricorn, and transiting Uranus is squaring it: this is considered to be one of the classic “midlife crisis” transits a person goes through in their lifetime. This can be an incredibly dynamic and creative time, and you can find new ways to make your unique mark on the world. Sometimes though, “making your mark” can leave a few scars.

January-March 1960 or June-December 1960 OR February-July 1989 or November 1989-January 1990, you have Saturn in Capricorn, OR July-September 1974 or December 1974-May 1975, you have Saturn in Cancer, and transiting Uranus is squaring it: take it easy with yourself and with others. There will be a powerful urge from both without and within to throw some bombs around and get this mess over with, but you might want to plan your Great Escape from your situation more cautiously.

October 1970-November 1971 or March-August 1972, you have Uranus in Libra, and transiting Uranus is opposite it:  it’s right about this point in your life when you start wondering if the person you grew up to be was the person you wanted to be, good news! It’s never too late to be your own here.

October 1975-March 1976 or August 1976-October 1978, you have Pluto in Libra, and transiting Uranus is opposite it: Now would be an excellent time to run away and join the Rebellion. But do you know why you’re rebelling? Do you know what you’re rebelling against, or what you want to replace it with?  Or do you just feeling like throwing some bricks?

March-May 1988 or January 1989-January 1992, you have Neptune in Capricorn, and transiting Uranus is squaring it: You might think you’re like Neo from The Matrix, suddenly waking up and seeing reality for what it really is, and now you have all these awesome superpowers and can be a hero and stuff. But — (Putting on my best Morpheus impression) what if I told you that was just a movie, and you should re-evaluate your life more carefully than that?

NEXT TIME… Part Three: Jupiter. Go large or go home… or possibly go crazy.

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