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It’s not a dragon eating the Sun… it’s Cosmic Pac-Man!

First of all: if there’s any residual panic left in you from the transits we’ve had this month, set it aside. It’s pretty obvious you survived that last eclipse, and so it seems likely that your world won’t explode with this one either. With all that Cardinal Grand Cross stuff going on, our lives make be getting more active and intense and… yes, for a few of us… scary, but these times of drama are necessary, and even good for you.

Any New Moon is an excellent time to set out your intentions for the month ahead. An eclipse, though? That carries a lot of promise and boldness with it. This is not something to be feared. This is an opportunity to be exploited.

So: what do you want from your life? What can you change? What do you need to accept? The answers to all of those questions may not be what you expect, but you should probably be asking yourself these things anyway. People like to say that “you create your own reality.” It might be more accurate to say that you can build your own reality. And if what’s needed is for the Universe to throw you a few surprise tools and materials for that, you might just get that in the next few months — especially in the department of your life ruled by the House of your birth chart that 8-9 degrees Taurus falls in (and especially if that House of yours is “above the horizon,” that is, between the 7th and 12th Houses).

And hey… even if 8-9 degrees Taurus doesn’t make any obvious major aspects to any of the point in your chart, there’s still something a little magical about a Solar Eclipse. Why not do a little wizarding with your life?

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