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As God is increasingly removed from the public square and “separation of church and state” used to relegate religion to a private, hidden thing, Florida has reversed the trend in its school systems. Students across the state of Florida returned […]

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a well-known atheist organization, has sent a letter to Shelby County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office urging them remove “For God and Country” patches from officer uniforms, asserting they are unconstitutional. “It is inappropriate and unconstitutional […]

The opinions of pastors are trusted highly by Christians, a study finds. New research by Barna group revealed that a strong majority of the American public (88%), including 92% of practicing Christians, trusts the opinion of a pastor when it […]

The word “censorship” normally conjures images of Nazis burning books or modern China’s refusal to allow Google or Facebook to operate in the country without extraordinary concessions and government approved filters. Silent censorship, however, has been on the rise in […]

In November, voters in Utah will consider a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana and possibly join 30 other states that allow its use. Opponents, including leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a group of […]

Rep. Maxine Waters is confident that God has placed her the position she’s in for a specific purpose: to do everything in her power to combat President Donald Trump. The 79-year-old progressive lawmaker stood behind the pulpit at First AME […]

Freedom of religion has long been enshrined in American culture and is one of the first freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights. The right to not only believe in a specific faith but also to practice it has come […]