This morning my seven-year-old daughter, Lydia, helped me feed the chickens and gather the eggs.  This is what I heard outside of the chicken coop:

“Mom, there are four eggs.”

“No, I’m sorry, Mom…I was mistaken…there are five.”

“Mom, I found one under Aunt Bea. That is her name, isn’t it? Am I correct?”

What seven-year-old uses words like “mistaken” and phrases such as “Am I correct?” Now, granted, I think this child is extra-special because she’s *my* child :). But, truly…she’s just an average kid with a bit of artistic talent and a good mind.  She understands math but still can barely read. What makes her talk like this? I doubt it is from listening to me…in fact, more likely, she would learn words she should not repeat from me!

Listening to her takes me back to age  sixteen, a church picnic, and a walk: a walk with three home schooled girls. I remember thinking I had walked right in to a Louise May Alcott book because their conversation was so formal. Maybe this is a product of home schooling? I know plenty of homeschooled kids, however, who talk like any “normal” public school American kid. Maybe it’s that my little girl has never watched a tv program in our home?  I’m pretty sure she’s watched more dvds than the average child, though. It could be that all three children have audio books playing most hours of the day.

But then, Dearies…I could be mistaken….how does one know when she is correct or not? I’ll allow you to take some moments to think upon the subject and possibly…comment?

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