Shaking out the pastel yard flag and looking closely at the big fluffy white cartoon bunny with gardening tools and carrots, I actually laughed out loud. I was so ridiculously *happy* and over something so simple and silly.

Before we go any farther, you must know–if you had told me five years ago that I would LIKE a yard flag (of any sort)….a yard flag in pastels….a yard flag with a gardening rabbit…I would have laughed in your face! I had taste. I was dramatic. I only chose the aesthetic.

But some time within the last five years I looked for–and found–my authentic “niche” and it includes gratefulness. This yard flag is not about decorating or impressing the neighbors, this yard flag is a gift from my dear sister who knows that rabbits and gardening speak to my heart. Digging in the dirt didn’t fit my previous image of myself but then I tried it…and liked it…and realized that growing things to eat pleased me deep down inside. It spoke to me. It made me HAPPY. And the bunny yards–with healthy rabbits who trust me and depend on me–that is my “happy place”.  And so I am happy–and grateful–for simple, silly things such as a yard flag, a rabbit, a fresh egg plant or tomato. I still like the “big things”: the vacations, the perfect outfit, the redecorated house, the outing with friends, but I have learned to stop and really relish the upcoming cup of coffee, a two hour rest with a dvd, or a chance to check my Facebook.  This way I don’t have to wait for the next vacation to feel happiness, I can find it minute-to-minute.

Happiness can be in a rabbit yard flag.

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