A Touch of Encouragement
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Dear Friends, We’re going back in time today. I’m attaching links to a two-part interview that Dinah Shore did with Paddy Chayefsky back in 1977. Part 1, Part 2 First, notice how much TIME she gave him to make his […]

A simple errand gives a man a new goal.

If I’d had another cup of coffee after church, we’d have been too late to see the dog run across the street. If we’d left church a few seconds sooner, we would have hit the dog as it ran under […]

If you are joining us here for the first time, WELCOME! Somewhere out there in cyberspace, I imagine someone sitting in front of a computer, typing the word “hope” into a search engine, seeking just a moment of encouragement, a […]

Dear Friends, This was a difficult week for me; it was the anniversary of my father’s death and it is always an emotional time. Seventeen years have passed and yet, as so many of you understand, a song, a photograph, […]

A Parade Magazine Poll has named Rosie O’Donnell The Most Annoying Celebrity of 2007. I can remember a time when I’d grab the Sunday newspaper and search for the Parade Magazine insert and more often than not I’d find a […]

This simple habit gave somebody a brand new start every day.

If it’s hard to believe that it’s 2008 already, imagine how they felt back in 1751. When the English fell asleep on March 24, 1751, they awoke to March 25, 1752. It was all part of a tricky plan to […]