If you are joining us here for the first time, WELCOME!
Somewhere out there in cyberspace, I imagine someone sitting in front of a computer, typing the word “hope” into a search engine, seeking just a moment of encouragement, a reason to hang in there, a voice that says “don’t give up today.” My mother always had a way of saying it: “keep on keeping on.”
And that’s what we’re doing here on this site every day. Just helping each other to carry on.

If you remember “Touched By An Angel,” you’ll recall that even though it was a TV drama series with a new episode every week, we tried to repeat the same message: “God exists, God loves you, God wants to be part of your life.” It was true two thousand years ago, it was true for nine years on network television, it is true today. And more than ever, we need to be encouraged by it.
And there’s a great way to do that now: turn the information highway into the inspiration highway. With videos and blogs and your comments, we can become a community and create a powerful new place right here on “A Touch of Encouragement” for spiritual support and inspirational storytelling.
But we can’t do it without you and your feedback. Letters and e-mails of support meant so much to me all those years when we were making “Touched By An Angel” and I’m looking forward to hearing from our old friends again and connecting with new friends.
Already I owe a debt of thanks to those of you who have been coming to this site during its testing phase. It was your tremendous response that convinced us to open this week with your most-watched video: “Getting Through The Grief.”

Through regular blogs and twice-weekly videos, we have already begun to meet each other and share stories that have moved me to tears and never failed to remind me of the enduring and healing power of faith.
Please check out the VIDEO WELCOME MESSAGE on the left side of the page. Look for regular blogs from me throughout the week and watch new videos on Tuesdays and Fridays. And PLEASE! Let me know what you think, what you’d like to see, what you’d like to talk about.
I really hope you will join us. Let’s help each other “keep on keeping on.”
God bless you,
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