Dear Friends,
We’re going back in time today. I’m attaching links to a two-part interview that Dinah Shore did with Paddy Chayefsky back in 1977. Part 1, Part 2
First, notice how much TIME she gave him to make his points, without interruption, without trite attempts to turn his sincere observations about the future of television into punchlines. Notice how she RESPECTED his work, his art, his intelligence. How she listened.

I never knew Dinah Shore, but I know people who knew her. I’ve been told she was a genuine lady and watching this piece today confirmed that for me.
It also reminded me what live and talk show television used to be like. Remember David Frost? Dick Cavett? Steve Allen? Believe it or not, I even remember Jack Paar, but just barely! But what I remember most was the kind of television where people really talked about SOMETHING and really LISTENED to each other.
Please, LISTEN to Paddy Chayefsky in these two clips as he discusses his “new” movie “Network” which, as we know, was far more prophetic than we could have anticipated thirty years ago.
Most interesting to me is his remark “how do you preserve yourself in a world in which life doesn’t mean much anymore?” I might add “how do you protect your heart and soul as it is daily assaulted in the news, in the movies, on the internet, and on television?” And I include this scripture for you to consider: “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the wellsprings of life.”
Watch the clips if you can and then please, I’d like to read YOUR reaction.
Have a good day and take care,

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