What do anorexia nervosa, zombies, ambition, and a tractor seat have in common?

Answer: They are featured in recent posts at The High Calling: Everyday Conversations About Work, Life, and God.

“So I Stopped Eating” is the first post in a series on anorexia nervosa by by Emily Wierenga, a freelance journalist and author of Save My Children: The Story of a Father’s Love.

Ryan Mecum, poet and Young Life staff member, offers some unexpected insights in “Fighting the Zombies That Try to Eat Your Brain.”

Susan DiMickele, author of Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom’s Adventures in Life and Faith, asks “Is Ambition Bad?”

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Dukes Lee shares a moving story of farmers and tractors in “On the Seat of a Tractor.”

Glynn Young, communications director for a Fortune 500 company, wonders “Is God More Pleased With My Work Than I Am?”

The High Calling: Everyday Conversations About Work, Life, and God features quality writing on topics that speak to the challenges and opportunities of our life. This is also the website where my Daily Reflections are posted online. The High Calling is a sister ministry to Laity Lodge, where I work. Both ministries are expressions of Foundations for Laity Renewal.


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