Growing up in Southern California, I never really experienced autumn. Yes, a few trees in our neighborhood changed colors as the weather got a bit cooler. But there just isn’t much seasonal variation in Southern California.

When I went to college in New England, I was astounded by the beauty of the fall. During my freshman year, on Friday afternoons I’d catch a city bus and take it out into the suburbs to the end of the line. Then I’d wander through tree-lined neighborhoods, marveling at the reds, golds, yellows, and violets of the leaves.

Where I live in the Texas Hill Country, most of our local trees are Live Oaks. They lose their leaves in the spring each year, but only for a few days before sprouting new leaves. But we do have some native trees that change color in autumn, including Spanish Oaks, Pecans, and a variety of maple. Non-indigenous trees add to the spectacle.

I am thankful for autumn, for cool weather, for clear skies, and for brilliantly colored trees. I thought I’d share with you three photos I recently took in my back yard. Here are three great reasons to be thankful for autumn.


A red, violet, orange, and yellow Spanish Oak leaf.


Dry berries on a Crape Myrtle tree.


My wife and my dog enjoying an autumn afternoon.

Thanks be to God!

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