Mark D. Roberts

I thought I’d share with you some visual reasons to like California, where I am currently on vacation with my family. I lived in California for most of my life until a move to Texas three years ago. I love Texas, but still find much to enjoy about my former home state. For example:

in-n-out-family-8.jpgThe first thing my family and I do when landing in California is to hurry to In-N-Out Burger. That’s one great reason to be in California (also Arizona, Nevada, and Utah). The corporate offices for In-N-Out are in my former hometown of Irvine, California. But my loyalty for In-N-Out has everything to do with the extraordinary freshness and quality of the food.

in-n-out-plane-8.jpgWhen I say we go to In-N-Out right after landing in California, I’m not exaggerating. There’s a an In-N-Out within a stone’s throw for LAX, as you can see from the photo above (which was not Photoshopped, by the way). You can also see that my son is not altogether pleased that I’m taking of picture of him eating lunch.

treasure-lakes-rock-ck-8.jpgBut, California has more than fantastic burgers. It also has amazing scenery. The photo above shows a couple of the Treasure Lakes in the High Sierra, at the top of Little Lakes Valley (Rock Creek). Not bad, eh?

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