Mark D. Roberts

USA Today reports that the 22nd annual National Geographic Bee is happening this week in Washington D.C. Fifty-four fifth through eighth graders will compete in this annual competition.

globe-boy-5.jpgThe article includes a mini-quiz using questions from previous years. How will you do?

1. Which city is at  a lower elevation: New Orleans or Wichita?
2. The Dead Sea borders Israel and what other country?
3. The Urubama River valley of southern Peru was a sacred area to what ancient civilization?
4. The Shebele River rises in the mountains of Ethiopia and flows south into what country?
5. Casablanca, located on the Atlantic, is chief port city of what country?

You can find the answers with the USA Today article. Confession: I got 80% of this quiz, a B-. I may need to go back to eighth grade.

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