Here are some more things that you don’t see every day . . . unless you happen to be in New York City. And even then you might not see them every day, but you could.

The Irises by Vincent Van Gogh, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Late in life Van Gogh painted a number of paintings featuring irises, one of which hangs in the Met.

The Statue of Liberty from the back. Now, Lady Liberty does not have a Steve-Martin-type arrow through her head! This is just an unusual view of the statue’s seven spikes that represent rays of light shining out to the world. You can see the rays better in this front-view.

Some of the bolts that hold the Statue of Liberty together are just a bit on the large side. You won’t find a wrench to fit these in Home Depot. In fact, there are much larger bolts than these used elsewhere in the statue.
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