Mark D. Roberts

First of all, I want to thank those of you who commented on yesterday’s introductory post. I appreciate your honesty and insights. I also like the respectful disagreement among commentators. You’ve give us all lots to think about. (If you missed yesterday’s comments, you can find them here.)
Before I go further in this series, I’d like to hear from you about your “thin places.” Where have you encountered God in an especially powerful way? Did the place have anything to do with your experience? Have other people experienced God’s presence in the same place? If so, why? Other than the presence of God, are there things that make a thin place thin? (Photo below: Laity Lodge as a “thin place”?)

Then I have some theological questions. Do you think God chooses to make himself known in an unusual way in special places (call them “thin” or not)? Why? Or why not? Do you see any theological advantages or disadvantages in the phrase “thin place”?
You can anwer these questions as comments, or you can email me. I look forward to your input. Thanks in advance.

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