Mark D. Roberts

Well, sometimes life is strange, full of concidences, if not conspiracies. I’ve stumbled into just such an odd situation. It’s very peculiar . . . curious!
Last Wednesday I put up a rather silly blog post about book covers (see photo to right). I noted that two recent books, one by Scot McKnight and one by Leighton Ford, had very similar covers. Both were yellow, adorned by birds. I wondered out loud if my books would sell better with yellow covers featuring birds. But that was all tongue in cheek.
Then, on Thursday I received a catalog from the jewelry company James Avery. (Well, to be more accurate, my wife received the catalog.) I couldn’t believe the cover. It was yellow, with a prominent butterfly. Okay, okay, it’s not a bird. But it is a flying beast on a yellow background. What is up with this? Is there some yellow-cover conspiracy of which I am unaware? Did everybody get together and decide that yellow plus flying things were “in”? Why wasn’t I invited? Did they invite you? You’ll have to admit this is all pretty strange.
So, keep your eyes open for yellow-covered printed material featuring flying fauna. And if you’re trying to see your stuff, think about this schema. Somebody out there thinks it will work.

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