In the movie “What Women Want” Mel Gibson a prideful womanizer and all around “man’s man” gets electrocuted and all of a sudden can hear the thoughts of every woman he encounters. Of course at first he goes crazy, then he accepts the gift and uses it to “his” advantage and then he begins to understand the gift and why he received it right before he gets hit with lightening again and loses the gift of hearing every woman’s thought.

We each our more powerful beings than we often give ourselves credit for. We have within us the ability to see future events, we can pick up on the moods and vibrations of others, we can read/receive the thoughts of others and we have the ability to heal ourselves and others through our energy vibrations. This is known, there are many people among us who are aware of their gifts and are able to use them in their daily life. Most of the people who have these gifts have had some sort of awakening or in some cases they never fell into the slumber that most of us have fallen into.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and you realized you had the gift of healing yourself and others? How would that impact you? What would change in your life? Would you take up the banner of “I am a healer”? Would you now be known as “The healer” in your community? Would you become consumed with the ability to heal others to the point that became your identity? Would you believe you had “arrived” that you had discovered your purpose? The ego mind would do these things. The ego mind would get off on being a healer and all the attention and potential wealth that being a healer would bring.

As we awaken and we become aware of our powers, our gifts it is easy to fall into the trap of our ego mind and begin to identify with our powers. While the power to heal is wonderful are spiritual self knows that this is not who we are, this is simply a part of the greater being that we are. Being a healer or a physic or an intuitive is not who we are it is simply part of our awakening. These powers or gifts as some may call them are simply a discovery of what already exists within us and make us no better or worse than we were before. We simply have become more aware.

It is through are awareness that our gifts, our powers seem to manifest. When we become aware of our powers it can be unsettling at first, however if we remain open then we can begin to use our powers. The cautionary note is that we must also become aware that are ego will be entranced by these powers and want to exploit our powers. Our ego will desire to engage in a chase of these powers because of the value they see in how these powers can feed the ego.

Read any fantasy story such as Superman or Spiderman and you will find that the hero has powers and the villain has powers the difference is how they do use their powers and what intent is behind the powers and driving the actions of each. Although these are fictional stories the premise is based on our reality.

One of the clichés throughout history is “If he would only use his power for good” is very fitting. In what we are talking about today we are not discussing good and evil, we are discussing how we use our powers as we become aware of them.

As you awaken, you may discover you can heal, you may discover that you can take on the vibrations of others in a very profound and intimate way; you may discover that you can see future events or see that which is not visible to others. It is important to understand that these things are simply part of your being and while they are useful in your journey they are not what define you. The powers that you have, the ones you are yet to discover are as natural as breathing and they are to be used just as you would use your hands and arms to help someone up who fell down. Accept that which you discover about yourself and use each of your powers with love as your intent.

Consider the wonder of touching another and healing them and never saying a word about it, never letting them know that you provided the healing touch. To do this is to understand that the healing is part of our universal connection and is not because of individual greatness. To use our powers in this way is to truly be awake.

Note, to heal, to see, to intuit are not powers to chase after they are powers to allow to manifest within our awareness and ours to use as part of the wonder of our journey.

YOU are powerful beyond your belief! Allow your spirit to be!


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