Dating can be a confusing process for any single person. Adding a recent divorce and/or kids into the mix, can make it even more complex. A person with a recent divorce will most likely have a smaller pool of people that are o.k. to date, due to children and ex’s. But, internet dating will help to give better access to newly divorced people or other single parents. Divorces add some baggage, but using the internet to meet people will allow you to more easily connect.

Figuring Out What You Are Looking For, By Dating Lots Of People

If you have been out of the dating scene due to a long marriage, online dating might be a “shock to the system”. The online experience brings a whole new dimension to the dating scene. It allows you to connect with people that have a common hobby, interest, children, or are newly divorced. There is alot more variety and specific option that you can look for in a mate, when dating online. This can help you find out exactly the type of person that fits your criteria and avoid any ”turn-offs”.

Emotional Availability

A divorce can take an emotional toll on both parties. A recently divorced person might not be emotionally ready to jump into a relationship. Creating a light-hearted atmosphere on a date is the best way to avoid any negative situations, that might arise due to hurt feelings. The best policy in the situation is to be open and honest with your dates. Letting your date know that you do NOT have the intention of being exclusive, will help you avoid potential drama in the future.

By tell a person that you may see other people, can save the relationship or friendship. If your date found out that you were dating other people, but they considered the relationship to be exclusive, it will create problems in the future.

Making New Friends

Online dating can be a fun activity, if you don’t take it too seriously. It is also a way to meet new people for friend relationships. If you have been in a long marriage, one of your main motivators may be to meet new people and have some fun. Online dating is a great way to get out of the house and have some fun around town.


Anonymity is a issue that any single person should seriously think about before they jumping into online dating. All “free dating sites” are open networks and usually ad supported. Your friends, co-workers, or enemies can sign up and browse through your personal information and photos. Free sites have many of the features that paid sites have, but they do come at a cost to your privacy.

Subscription sites on the other hand are “closed networks”. These paid sites have features including compatibility tests, matchmaking, and video chat. With a paid dating site, you are paying for privacy, plus any added features that may be available. Anonymity may be important as this personal information can be misused by people like identity thieves.

Precautions to Take with Kids

Another issue that many divorced online daters need to consider, are repercussions that might affect their kids. Precautions need to be taken when introducing any new person into your household. These precautions might include:

1) A background check using a people lookup website

2) Keeping the dates away from your home, until you get to know them well.

3) Keep the communication anonymous, until you are ready

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