Make Your Relationship Work


So, you’ve been dating a nice young lady for a few weeks. Everything seems to be going OK, but there are little nagging signs that may say otherwise. It’s very normal to question things when they seem so perfect. It’s also not uncommon for women to play the same dating games that guys are known for engaging in, however. When it comes to running game, women can compete like Jesse Owens. Now, while you shouldn’t falsely accuse your new love interest of anything before you know, there are certain indicators that she may have another guy on the side. Or, you are the guy on the side.

Babysitting the cell phone and reception issues.

Now, if she’s been protective of her phone the entire time you’ve known the her, then this isn’t enough to accuse her of juggling two or more men. However, if she didn’t mind leaving it behind before and now she takes it with her everywhere…including the bathroom, take note. Remember, one or two signs aren’t substantial enough to convict the girl, but babying the cell phone is worth remembering. Also, monitor times when she claims her cell reception goes bad. You all know cell phones drop calls, can’t get reliable signals often, and have a host of other problems with their functionality. But, if certain times of day, no matter what day, you can’t get in contact with her, there may be an issue. Except, of course, during working hours. Don’t get mad because she doesn’t call you back during lunch.

You haven’t seen her home.

If you’ve been dating this young lady for months, and you’ve never stepped into her home, red flag. Women deal in comfort. If you’re her boyfriend, that means she’s comfortable with you. This comfort should extend to an intimate space, such as her home. If you’ve never seen her home, it could mean this young lady has another guy—living or at least spending a lot of time there.

You haven’t met her friends.

This particular sign is a no-brainer. If you’ve been dating this chick and you haven’t met, at least, her best friend, you’re more than likely a boy toy. Most women need their best friends to sign off on the relationship. The fact that you haven’t met the best friend means that said best friend has already signed off on another relationship your girl is currently dealing with.

Disappearing for days.

Yes people travel. Yes people can get busy. But, you two are in a relationship. If this chick is not contacting you at all, At all… no texts, calls, emails, smells kind of fishy to doesn’t it. Yeah phones break and WiFi malfunctions, but she should be able to find some way to make contact with you. This particular sign shows a glaring flaw in her game as well. She hasn’t effectively learned how to juggle both guys, so she’s putting you to the side in order to handle her other man. Sort of like choosing the tan purse instead of the red one.

Routine Blackout times.

This is probably the most noticeable giveaway that your girlfriend has another boyfriend. Humans are creatures of habit. If the the girl is a perpetual juggler (which she’d have to be in order to handle you and another guy), she’s going to have to create a routine revolved around this advanced form of cheating. The most evident sign of an alternate routine is a pattern of complete non-contact. For example, if you can’t get in contact with the girl from 4pm Fridays until 8am Saturdays she may be hanging out with her other boyfriend.