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If we listened more often to our subconscious we would probably be very happy in our lives. The problem is, we don’t listen to it. So if you are feeling like there must be something more, or that what you are doing just is not working anymore, then we have 8 signs to that you are ready for change.

  1. Things that you were once passionate about no longer excite you.

You are a person who when you love something you give it 100%. Recently the things that you were once passionate about take a whole lot more motivation and self encouragement to give more than 50%. You can have a calendar full of social events and care less because nothing really excites you anymore.

  1. You are exhausted all of the time.

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can get a solid ten hours of sleep yet you still wake up with zero motivation to do anything. Any task big or small seems to be increasingly daunting as the day goes by. You become obsessed with the clock, every minute that goes by seems to take longer and longer. All you can think about is sitting on the couch in your yoga pants and that is your only priority when you get home.

  1. Your physical appearance has changed.

Let us be really honest with this one. Your physical appearance has a lot to do with your overall happiness. You have no motivation to go to the gym anymore. Putting effort to get ready takes too much work so you opt for air-dried hair and mascara. You begin to find comfort in food and before you know it the image on the mirror does not look the same anymore. We are not talking about the expectation of perfection, simply being comfortable in your own skin.

  1. Friendships look the same as when you were in your early 20’s.

If you are not losing friends, you are not growing. In your young 20’s you have a lot of surface friendships, friends who are based on convenience rather than substance. These are friends who benefit from you in some way: you like to party together, you run in the same crowd, you share mutual friends. When it comes down to the glue that holds the friendship together you are the super glue and they are the Elmer’s Glue stick.

  1. You are longing for something greater.

You grow up as a dreamer, dreaming every day of the future. Then, you get to the future and realize everything is not all rainbows and roses like you thought it was going to be. Being an adult is actually tough, and with every new challenge, you try to control it more and do it on your own. Reality is you cannot do it on your own, and as you become weaker the voice in your head gets louder, “There must be something greater than this.” You long for a deeper, spiritual connection. One with no limitations and one where you can trust in letting go of control. We call this a greater designed plan, specifically designed for you.

  1. Comfortable does not make you happy anymore.

Your daily routine has been good to you, it is easy and convenient, and it works. Suddenly, you start to feel uncomfortable in your routine. Even though everything looks the same, you are not sure if it is for you anymore. Your fear of giving up the good starts to be outweighed by the potential reward for going for the great. You realize that your comfort zone is not as comfortable and cozy as it used to be. This is when you ask yourself, “Am I truly happy or am I just comfortable?”

  1. You are not in-tune with your emotions. 

You start to feel like you do not know what you are feeling anymore. Your emotions are numb and forgetting about your problems sounds a whole lot better than dealing with them. The things that used to get an emotional reaction out of you no longer get a reaction. And frankly, you just do not care.

  1. Your partner is starting to feel more like a friend and less like a lover.

You two still have fun together, you love hanging out with your couple friends, and a relaxing night on the couch with a good movie makes both of you happy. But, when the lights turn low, it has become more like two friends just sharing a bed. Intimacy is the one thing that separates your friend from your lover. Be it emotional or physical intimacy, you are starting to forget what either of those feel like. As your intimacy decreases, your desire for a lover increases.

Time to be honest. If you resonate with these 8 feelings you are ready for change. The first step to change is awareness: understanding that you are not where you want to be, whether it be people, job, belief, or habit. Believe that you are not stuck where you are. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Change begins with you.

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