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charles-550068-unsplashDogs are probably the single most beloved animal on the planet. Well, arguably pandas are a tie, but who wants a pet panda? Besides, owning a panda isn’t nearly as fun as owning a dog, because a dog can actually get you a date. How? Like this:

Dogs Force You To Get Out More

One of the big problems facing anybody single is the fact that often, you come home from your job, usually after a gym visit, pop something in the microwave, sit down on your couch…and don’t move, four or five days a week. There’s only so much going out on the weekends that will make up for the time you spend vegging.

With a dog, you can’t do that. Partially because dogs, especially small dogs, are little furry bundles of energy that are the best alarm clock you will ever own.

For example, I own a Shih Tzu, a cuddly and adorable little ball of fluff (wait, don’t take my man card! I watch action movies, I swear!). Before I got my dog, I was an evening person: I slept as late as possible. Now, I’m a morning person, mostly because I’m awoken every day by a dog jumping on my chest and landing with surprising force for a six-pound creature, immediately followed by a sincere attempt to fit her tongue all the way into my sinuses.

So, I take her on walks in the morning and have since managed to meet just about everybody in my neighborhood, as well as most of the dog owners in a five-mile radius. I’ve made a few friends, especially since my dog is the friendliest puppy ever. Which brings me to my second item…

Dogs Instantly Break The Ice

If you’re interested in somebody, but aren’t sure how to talk to them, your dog can (and probably will) lead the way. Sometimes in an embarrassing manner: my dog loves nothing better on walks than to run up to total strangers and try to jump into their arms, especially if they seem to be holding anything that might be food. But, either way, you’ll be talking with that person, at least for a little while.

It also cuts both ways: I have literally had people pull over on the street, get out of their cars, and talk to me about my dog. True, it’s mostly little old ladies, but the point is, people are interested enough to block traffic.

But, probably the most important aspect is…

Dogs Keep You From Settling

A friend of mine who is recently single (not by choice) and a recent dog owner offered me the following interesting observation: ever since he got his dog (a Schipperke, God help him), he’s been way pickier about his dates. He realized it’s partially because he has to meet people who can stand his dog, but also because now when he goes home at night, he isn’t sitting around in a quiet apartment. He’s got somebody waiting for him who wants to hang out.

And that’s really key as well. Thankfully, I haven’t been single for a while, but I remember those moments when you woke up and realized how lonely you were. And it’s nice to have a friend close by.

Especially one that’s cheap to feed.


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