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A few weeks ago someone asked me, “What’s up with men and Asians? Why do you go so crazy for them?” The answer was simple, Asian women are considered “exotic”. There’s something different, appearance wise and culturally, that make them stand more than other women. While this answer may be true for many men, it’s not completely accurate. In most cases, this answer applies to American Men, or American Men in areas where there isn’t much diversity. I’m sure, at the same time this question was being asked, some women in Tokyo was asking her male friend, “What’s up with men and White women? Why do you go so crazy for them?”

Men, universally, are drawn to a woman’s uniqueness. There’s several ways a woman can be unique.

Some women are seen are more “exotic” than others. Look thru any male magazine and look at the type of women we stereotypically go crazy for. Very rarely are these the “Girls Next Door,” they are very distinct, unique looking women. I’m talking beyond just the size of a woman’s breasts and how toned she is, I’m talking about the physical and cultural attributes that make her different from any other woman. Depending on where you live, a woman with an accent, not common to the area, would general more attention. The same can be said about hair color, eye color, height, language, daily rituals, common clothing; the list is endless. There are very unique attributes to certain women, that captivate our attention.

Uniqueness isn’t solely based on physical characteristics. There’s personality, activities, and personal preferences that make certain women more unique than others. The same way physical and ethnic traits can be deemed as unique, so are the other characteristics that make a woman who they are. For instance, a woman who loves a particular sport, or sports team, would draw more interest from guys who enjoy watching that sport or sport team. A girl who’s a Jets fan will always get my attention than a girl who just enjoys football, an example of an exotic woman would be someone who loves all of my favorite sports teams, can kick my butt in Street Fighter, and looks like a supermodel. For my friends, the combinations are different, different teams, sports, activities, and traits that make them who they are.

You can’t just look pretty, or just like sports, there’s certain combination that draw the attention of certain men. This isn’t a math formula, you can’t plugin-in “Likes Sports” and “Has Great Legs” to get a the guy that you want. Instead, you need to stand out from the other women in his life. Big boobs doesn’t just cut it.

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