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wrongThis is a short one, as I want reader input here. Sometimes talking is good. The blog is a starter seed, the info will hopefully be in the comments.

Get a lot of questions in about Mr. Right. How to find him, how to keep him, should you feed him after midnight? The questions come flying in faster than they can be answered. Yet there are certain things in common to all good men, though some of them are kinda hard to spot.

He Keeps His Word

If he says he’ll do something, he will do it with the bare minimum of nagging required. There is always some nagging required, as guys have a different priority system to gals. Sometimes I think we guys actually enjoy being nagged to do things. All the evidence points that way.

He Just Gets On With It

This is a particularly hard trait to spot as, by it’s nature, you don’t really notice it. Things just get done, frequently before you even notice they need doing. And I am not talking about taking out the trash or filling the car up when the gas gauge is on empty, I am talking about the little things. He has your back in ways you don’t even think of.

He Has His Own Interests

The last thing you want is a guy there for you 24/7. You need a bit of space. So does he. He has his own interests and .pleasures which, to be totally blunt, you are not welcome to share. He’ll not give that up. Don’t ask him to. Ain’t right.

He Respects You

Note that this doesn’t mean he will always agree with you and defer to you. That’d be a stupidly unrealistic expectation. You want a man, not a puppet here. But he respects your opinions, and your integrity as a person,

He Loves You

The summation of the other aspects. You know, you are wrong roughly 50% of the time, if you are lucky. A good man doesn’t care. He will support you. Sure, he’ll tell you off privately when you are being stupid, but he’ll never do that to you in public. Possibly the biggest difference between guys and gals.

Now, over to you all.


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