Make Your Relationship Work


That’s right put your fingers where your mouth is. Take my test, match it against your man’s actual answers, and score yourself using my failproof chart.

1. What color is your man’s toothbrush?

2. How old was your man when he lost his virginity? What was her name?

3. What are the first names of at least two of your man’s grandparents?

4. What City, State (country if notable) was your man born in?

5. If your man ordered a milkshake what would the flavor be? How does he take his burger?

6. Which of your man’s nuts is slightly larger than the other? *Yes, we all have that.

7. Is your man more Team Angelina or Team Scarlett?

8. What was the last movie your man saw in the theater?

9. Do you know/or pretty much know your man’s email password?

10. Rattle off eight specific pieces of clothing your man owns. (Ex. That Radiohead T-shirt with the whole by the left shoulder)

11. Did your man grow up with a pet? What was its name?

12. What’s your man’s deodorant brand?

13. What image does he currently use for his main photo on Facebook?

14. What TV News Channel would your man choose: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, PBS, BBC?

15. Given the choice would your man prefer him on top or you on top?

16. Does your man’s keychain have anything on it except keys? (Gym membership, pharmacy card, photos, sports logos, etc).

17. Name at least six of your man’s buddies and at least two people from his work life.

18. Would your man rather a week in a baller winter lodge or sweet beach house?

19. Has your man ever baked a cake or pie* from scratch? *Pre-made crust acceptable.

20. When your man writes down the date is he more apt to use the “/” or the “-” to separate day, month, year? Euro readers, forgive my example or Happy October to you! (Ex. 3/10/12, 3-10-12)

The Analysis:

0 Wrong: You know your man like he knows the back of his penis. Great job. You’re attentive and I see good things in your future. Either that or you study him because you hate him and believe in the idea of knowing thy enemy.

3 or Less Wrong: You have a good thing going. I suspect you’ve been together about 18 months or don’t see each other more than three times per week. Keep it up… or not, if you don’t like all that you know about him.

6 or More Wrong: You’re either a pretty lackadaisical lover or just starting out with this dude. If you are the former that’s fine, but spend some time getting to know your man better. Who knows, he might be a great guy.

Half or More Wrong: Girl, get your mind out of your blackberry and pay some attention to this bro! How could you not know (wrong answer) or (wrong answer)? Seriously, even a total stranger could have guessed (wrong answer)! If you’re interested in developing something with what’s his name, I say let this be Day One to start. Now get off the computer and ask Mr. X about… anything