feeling of shame

We’ve all been there. Crazy night out on the town and you end up letting some cute guy (or girl) from the bar take you back to their place. You’re feeling good, having fun, and end up staying the night. Then the next morning comes, your buzz has worn off, and you have no way of getting home.  Do you quietly collect your things without waking them and begin your walk of shame while wearing your 5 inch heels from the night before or do you opt for another route?  It’s a tough decision but we’ve mapped out all your options below to help walk you through the decision making process…

Option #1 – The Drive of Shame:

This option relies heavily on your personality and how comfortable you are with the awkward next-morning conversation (because let’s face it, most of the time it’s inevitable). If you’re capable of  making light out of  situation and laughing it off, then take your chances and wake him up.

Here’s how you must look at it: Both of you got something from this “sexcapade”.  Just because they had the home court doesn’t mean they also have no worries about how you get home. Most guys will probably be glad to give you a ride (they sure had no problem doing so the night before), you just need to be willing to deal with the possible awkwardness.

Recap: You skip the dreaded “walk of shame” where you may be eaten alive by the fraternities you past and choose to settle for the “drive of shame” where you must face that face that gave you face….Don’t forget to say thank you!

Option #2 – The Walk of Shame:

In option two, you opt out of waking them up and decide to hit the road on your own.  You simply gather your things, sneak out the door, and begin the dreaded “walk of shame”.  This option may save you from the awkwardness of waking them up but you’ll still have to face the awkwardness of walking ten blocks in heels while wearing basketball shorts (and all the people yelling “walk of shame” as they drive by you).

Recap: If it was one of those encounters where you don’t feel like making conversation, let alone eye contact with the person you went home with, then option 2 might be for you (it rhymes!).

Option 3 – The Hybrid:

Although this option is quite simple, it’s rather complex to actually pull off.  In option three you will attempt to avoid both the “drive of shame” and the “walk of shame”.  To do this, you must mesh the best aspects of both option one and option two.  Follow carefully…

You will attempt to quietly slide out of the bed, gather your belongings, sneak out the bedroom door, and quickly enter the closest bathroom.  Once in the bathroom you will begin texting every trusted friend you know OR quietly call a cab and request that they text you when they have arrived.  Once your ride has arrived, you must listen closely to make sure there is no activity outside the bathroom door.  Assuming all signs point to clear, you run on your tip-toes to the door and book it for the car door.

When deciding between which option to chose, you must consider what you want from this person.  Was it a one night stand and nothing more or is this person someone you’d like to spend some time with again?  Sneaking out of their place using either Option 1 or Option 2 may be good for avoiding awkwardness but will definitely not be good for building any type of relationship.  If you think there’s a chance you would hang with this person again, then face the awkwardness head on and go with Option 1.  Otherwise, go with Option 2 or 3 and book it!

Just remember that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you always have options…sometimes you just need to get creative!

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