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Dear Gentlemen,

With the increasing number of modern independent women in the world, you often times blur the differences between what is considered polite on a first date and what is considered an act of overbearing masculinity.  We understand it’s tough making transitions in life but it’s also time to take the next step.  So if you want to see that pretty girl’s face on a second date, we suggest you take note below.  We’ve broken it down as simple as you possibly can…

DO = Polite

DON’T = Douche Bag

DO:  Open doors

While this may seem a bit cheesy, women appreciate it.  Opening the door for a lady is one of the few older traditions that can still earn you brownie points.  In fact, some women say it’s a test of character.  Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t expect you to open the car door (thanks to power locks) or try to beat us to the door like you’re sprinting in the Olympics,  but if you do get the opportunity, don’t hesitate.  It’s cute

DON’T:  Stand Up

While it used to be considered polite to stand up as your date leaves the table for the bathroom, as well as to stand up upon her return, it’s now considered terribly old fashioned.  Despite a scant few girls who find this oddly cute, most will think you’re weird in an old creepy grandpa kind of way.  So do yourself a favor and save this trick for when your girlfriend asks you to be Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice on Halloween.

colin firth

Do you really want to dress like him?

DO: Compliment

Despite our cries to the contrary women love being complimented, especially if you mean it and we can tell.  Nothing puts a woman in a better mood than hearing the words, “You look beautiful.”  After all the time we spend pampering ourselves for you, it really can send shivers down our spine and put an instant smile on our face.  The key is to avoid being corning and sounding natural. Say she looks pretty as soon as the thought crosses your mind, and you’ll have no time to be awkward.  Believe us, a natural compliment will be your first step to banking a second date.

DON’T: Put your Coat on the Ground

While some old traditions remain cute (see “opening doors” above), this one does not make the cut.  Unless you’re role playing, pretending that your date is a princess as she walks across a puddle, most girls will wonder why you just ruined a good piece of clothing (what a waste!).  In fact, most of us would probably feel bad that you ruined it on our account because we clearly wouldn’t ruin our new pair of Christian Louboutins shoes for you…no offense!

DO: Pull out Her Chair

Doing charming things is always a plus but doing charming things unexpectedly is even better.  Nothing can beat catching your date off guard by pulling out her chair.  We simply do not expect it anymore so when it happens, it creates a complete WOW effect!  Just be sure the setting is right.  You don’t want to be pulling out her chair as you both snarl down late night Taco Bell after a drunken night at the bar.  That would just be embarrassing….and we might miss!

DON’T: Order Food For Her

Whatever you do, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER…(did we say NEVER?!) order food for her.  It doesn’t get any more disrespectful.  We don’t care if you’re just trying to be nice or you know every single thing we like to eat.  We are not children!  We can dress ourselves, we can make money for ourselves, and we sure as hell can order food for ourselves!  If you want to be polite, try suggesting something that you think we might like, especially if you chose the restaurant.

DO: Offer to Pay

While some men think this is presumptuous on the woman’s part, it’s still considered the standard for a first date.  Women understand that a man doesn’t have to pay all the time, especially as the relationship progresses, however for a first date we consider it the norm.  You may even find that some of us will refuse, but you still need to at least offer.  If you’re super smooth and the dates has gone well, simply say, “I got this one, you get the next,” which will let her know you’re confident that there will be a second date.

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