Since there is not much new to share or talk about other than in my last post this weekend, I will just direct you to read a recent set of email texts from within the Mont Order society on the idea of political violence. I also want to direct my readers to the Mont Order values video, which presents the “code” of the small Mont Order society as it presently exists, scattered throughout the web today.

Point 7 is one that I personally try to follow as much as possible, which is to be politically neutral. I am not supporting political agendas, I’m just criticising them. That being said, there are some issues considered “political” (by some people) that fall within the authority of NGOs, civil society and the Mont Order to talk about. Fighting against poverty is considered political by some. Liberating information and making the public aware of facts is considered politically charged by some. However, all those actions are neutral and balanced, and I would not consider someone doing these things to necessarily be an activist. I don’t know about in the US, but in the UK, civil society groups are generally required not to be involved in helping a political party or person to power. Point 7 in the Mont Order’s code doesn’t only coincide with that regulation, but is based on exactly the same thinking.

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