The reason our countries in the so-called west have an exceptional burden to accommodate refugees from the world’s conflict zones is because of an implicit admission of grave, very grave guilt. We admit that we destroyed the countries whose people are fleeing today. Over this, many people feel shame, and a desire to compensate by giving up space in our own countries to the people displaced by western wars.

Accepting refugees is a kind of necessary reparation for the crimes the west has committed and continues to commit against others, who all seem to originate from countries targeted and destroyed by western wars.

We have failed to prevent corrupt governments, such as the cabinets of Blair and then Cameron, waging meaningless wars and committing war crimes in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and today Syria (and others). The violence spread by the west in an attempt to solidify its supposed superiority as a “democratic” alliance in the world has brought emptiness to people’s hearts and diminished the lifespans of millions of people. With forked tongues, these politicians maintain their policies that have created so much misery and ejected the millions of people from their homes who are now knocking at the doors of the European Union. Their homes lie destroyed to pave the way for “democracy” and yet now they will experience that false doctrine firsthand, not in their own country but in the west itself.

Although the majority of arrogant media commentators and politicians pretend it is only the greatest coincidence in history that the refugees all come from countries the west attempted to turn into “democracies” by force, they and everyone else are aware of the truth. And we make room for that truth in the real world now, by making room for the refugees displaced by our governments’ inhuman acts.

It would be forgivable, and quite predictable to me, for refugees to feel little debt to the supposedly great and “free” west. I would forgive them even for hating us passionately for what we let our governments do. After all, the west allowed its soldiers to stampede, molest, disrespect, gun down and do almost every conceivable crime to civilians in the Middle East and other conflict zones. So, when you next read of alleged crimes by refugees who don’t seem to like the great and “free” citizens of the west, remember who started it. Remember which side continues it, and fuels it by obsessively warring to spread the fraudulent perfection of western democracy.

Rest assured that a flawed system or ideology gets what it deserves. I submit that we live in a globalised world, so everything has a very clear knock-on effect and no-one ultimately escapes all the consequences of his schemes. The politicians cowering in the White House and Downing Street, I believe, will experience terrible long-term fallout from the wars they waged. These countries will eventually be inhabited by their victims, who will resent them or even conspire against them (just as the Visigoths came to inhabit the territory of the Roman Empire at one time).

Even still, people who voted for these flawed regimes will have to come face to face with the human costs of the mistakes of their rulers, long before the real political villains or their successors are made to apologise and pay the price.

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