Because others insist on repeating wrong ideas, allow me to repeat what I know to be correct.

In Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere there is not a “sectarian war” among Muslims in any sense. The inflammatory remark that Sunnis and Shia all hate one another everywhere is a lie, repeated on and now on television stations, websites and academic bodies who deliberately and sadistically advertise and fan the flames of a war they want to happen. The war is a pet of the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Shia and Sunni Muslims are not at war. War is being waged against both of them by Wahhabis. A violent pseudo-religion of death and primitivism that is alien to Islam, I am informed. Its purpose is apparently to destroy Islam by promoting infighting and mass suicide of the world’s largest living religion.

The greatest killers of Sunni Muslims in the world today are not Iranians or Shia Muslims. The killers of Sunnis are in the Riyadh regime, who spread their violent Wahhabi cult of ignorance and terror, and instruct it to excommunicate and exterminate anyone who does not join the extremists.

These extremists claim many names like “Islamic State” and Jaish al-Fateh but all are the same. These killers, liars and monstrosities commit their crimes to frame the Sunni community. Western media even help them, saying these groups are trying to recover the lost honour of Sunnis in Syria and Iraq, when in fact they murder Sunnis for not accepting their extremism or for daring to associate with other communities like the Shia.

While so-called Sunni organisations preach the mass murder of Jews, Christians and the Shia, and have no problem acting on their threats, not a single Shia organisation or authority has declared any hostility to the Sunnis. At all times Shia resistance groups like Hezbollah have pointed past the entire Sunni community to the few liars and murderers trying to cower behind them and use them as human shields.

Of this reductionist “sectarian war” repeated so charmingly by simpleton “analysts” giving interviews, I say it flows in one direction. I say what Mark Sleboda also said in a recent televised debate. This is not Sunnis fighting Shia, but the Takfiri (excommunicating) Wahhabis fighting everyone. Not a single reprisal ought to be done against the Sunni community for terrorist attacks, despite the Western lust for collective bombing of whole nations whenever such attacks occur.

To overcome the lies about Islam we must admit that the Wahhabis are isolated, and they are an infection. They are no Muslims, certainly not the vanguard of the Sunnis. Their organisations try to incriminate the Sunnis and strengthen the lie of the “sectarian war” that they and they alone are waging. I believe Sunnis are strong enough to speak for themselves without terrorist groups, and that they have condemned the fake outfits created by the Saudi regime and other Gulf conspirators to represent them in Syria, Iraq and beyond.

The Sunnis of Iraq and Syria have, in their greatest numbers, spoken only of their homelands and the sovereign secular governments providing for them. With the blessing of Sunnis, these states will win, the Wahhabi liars will be destroyed, and order will prevail.

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