Où serait le mérite, si les héros n’avaient jamais peur?

Where would be the merit if heroes were never afraid?

Alphonse Daudet

It has occurred to me that I am too partisan on this blog, and a good old vitriolic blog shouldn’t take sides with any political faction. The aim is to superlatively influence, and the ball and chain of party affiliation reduces that influence on parts of the online demographic.

Search Beyond Traction digital art 1 small

As such, I am no longer going to support anyone in particular via this blog, and I will solely use this space now to criticize or mock people and raise questions like a good blogger. That is, unless special circumstances force me to revert it back to a more partisan role. The previous post I made here, “”Islamic State” is too good for its own Prophet?” is a new model post for me here at the L’Ordre blog, and future posts I make will follow a similar objective. They will analyze and criticize foreign governments and groups (from my perspective in the UK), something I have so far been quite good at.

I will also cease writing my own op-eds around the web, and instead comment on other writers’ op-eds and reviews with this blog. My promised review of No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald will proceed still. Book reviews are things done in the spirit of commenting upon others’ views, as I am now re-purposing this influential blog to achieve.

The majority of my writing has never been political, religious or controversial in any sense, and is actually fantasy fiction. I have far too many working ideas for fiction at the moment to possibly know where to begin, but you can expect new such works to appear in future. A glimpse into a sample of one work in development now can be found at Maquis Books by the working title “UNKNOWN HORIZON”.

My Search Beyond Series, which first appealed itself to its audience by pretending to be Star Trek fanfiction at the website Ad Astra, was always actually an original creation by me. I have always been dissatisfied with Star Trek‘s light-hearted approach to space exploration and its attempts to appeal to children, and I truly find the premise of Star Trek to be absurd. True space exploration should be filled with horror that makes Ridley Scott’s Alien look like a picnic. The videogames of the Dead Space series, although punctuated with occasional Star Trek cliches, are possibly the greatest immersive sci-fi horror experience I have ever had. I will admit they have become such a great influence on me that I often pictured the Ishimura‘s corridors as I try to sculpt the image of the spaceship Traction at the center of these palpitating space stories.

Certainly, the Search Beyond stories are not Star Trek fanfiction, but are complete with their own technology, physics and creatures that you will never encounter anywhere else, and some thoroughly nightmarish science fiction horror plots that would have been simply too extreme for Star Trek or Dr Who.

By Harry J. Bentham

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