Renoncer à sa liberté, c’est renoncer à sa qualité d’homme.

To renounce liberty is to renounce being a man.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

A very shrewd analysis at Counterpunch titled “NATO Lies and Provocations” responded to a Der Spiegel article, criticizing NATO top general Breedlove and his assertions of a Russian invasion in Ukraine. I was surprised at how well it confirms the validity of the same argument I made here at the L’Ordre blog, “The US provoked conflict in Europe to restore its “leadership” glory days”.

Killing people is the only talent that propelled the United States to its “superpower” status, and the US government and military are convinced that they need to kill a lot more people to prevent declining US power and relevance in the world. This is why the US constantly talks about enemies and openly supports the massacre of the people of Ukraine, Yemen and other countries where it sides with savage dictators.

It is also consistent with Immanuel Wallerstein‘s account of US hegemony, which informs my own view on the matter. Wallerstein argues that the United States was the single global superpower – the hegemon – in 1945, being the only power in possession of a nuclear weapon and the premier cultural and ideological master of the world-system. It was also accepted as the guarantor of global security after the Second World War, being the primary power that came out on top of the global conflict. As the traditional European powers were reduced to rubble and rendered unimportant, they became reliant on the American Marshall Plan to reconstruct Europe – be they Germany, France or Britain. They also needed America as a military and economic guarantor against any possible plans of the Soviet Union to turn Western Europe to socialism.

As stated in the Counterpunch article, Russian government advisers are well aware of the US’s internal problems and its reminiscence about the Second World War, and they know that Russia is only being used as a bogeyman in a US effort to start a new war in Europe with the sole aim to restore the superpower status America enjoyed in 1945 and reverse the rise of the EU.

American power has been in a state of continuous decline since 1945, and it became a “precipitate decline” because of the 2003 Iraq War. The Iraq War divorced the United States from Europe, violating international law, forever damaging the credibility of the international system to prevent aggression, and bypassing the cautions made by European countries against such aggression. The US has been desperately trying to reverse its decline as a world power.

The US political establishment is in panic about the country’s dwindling “superpower” status. Their armies have failed them in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the experience has rendered them impotent, a sham, an inept parody of the global policemen that the Neoconservatives hoped the country to serve as. America’s supposed destiny to spread democracy throughout the globe has been a sordid, disgusting parade of arrogance and failure that has killed millions of people and only served to inspire revulsion and hatred of the American flag as these false patriots drag it through the soil. As argued in the analysis at Counterpunch, the US’s malevolent and hateful ideology has killed so many people and destroyed so many nations that few regimes other than Nazi Germany can be compared with it.

Opinions on the “Russian threat” aside, the Europeans are clearly not interested in saving the US status as a superpower, and are ready to accept the US’s resignation as their protector. We don’t want to be cannon fodder so the US can reenact World War 2 and regain its mission as global hegemon. The suggestion of Jean-Claude Juncker to establish a European Army, doing away with the redundant NATO, is a positive move that will allow Europe to aspire to be better than mindless cannon fodder or some nuclear hellscape where America’s vampire imperialists plan to resurrect their power in Europe’s ruins again.

To alert readers, I have published a new feature article at We Are Change, titled “Does the British state fear dissidents more than terrorists?” I encourage my readers to take a look at that feature piece, which goes off my usual script in criticizing the US government and instead looks at some of the disturbing trends in my own country of Britain.

By Harry J. Bentham

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