Les maux de la résistances sont grands, je le sais, mais de la résignation ne sont-ils pas mille pire !

The evils of resistance are great, I know, but of resignation are they not a thousand worse!

Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray

Stratfor recently made a “prediction” about Russia’s future.

The Russian Federation’s authority will weaken. Eventually, it will cease to exist as a polity. This prophecy, or forecast, as Stratfor refers to it (the full name of the intelligence firm itself is Strategic Forecasting) is no surprise to me. For years, I and many others have been predicting that all nation-states will lose cohesion and they will cease to exist as credible authorities. Countries are the great farce of our time.

I’ll admit that many of our countries’ services remain necessities for the sake of serving the people, but their sense of legitimate authority – and the reverence people show towards them – is misplaced. All countries should stop flying their absurd flags and national symbols, and disappear in as much blood and darkness as they were forged in the first place. We will support this transition to happen, in order to update the “political operating system” of our time.

The Hardest Part

I will continue to write op-eds at Press TV, which will be critical of US and British foreign policy. I’m going to arrive at a new op-ed very soon, possibly covering one of the crisis zones addressed in foreign policy.

Let this stand as a comment from me that I’m not on any particular country’s side, especially not my own. I may criticize the US government more than the UK government, but only because it seems to be in charge of more foreign policy decisions concerning the UK than than the UK.

No country should be exempt from our scorn, especially not the countries in which we ourselves reside. The future is the inevitable, but being part of the future means helping it happen. Your country needs you. Help it to be defeated.

By Harry J. Bentham

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