L’accent est l’âme du discours.

Accent is the soul of language.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I am constantly looking for new ways to enhance the voices of fellow bloggers and make the web an even more anarchic and democratic place than it already is. With that in mind, I’d like to direct you to some of my recent work.

A significant part of my efforts has revolved around the construction of my own websites and blogs, to continue what others have so kindly enabled me to do. As well as this very blog, L’Ordre, hosted at Beliefnet, I have operated two newsletters called ClubOfINFO and Maquis Books. The former has been used to circulate politics, business, and technology news and analysis, and the latter has been used to circulate fiction stories and book promotions.

Recently, I have expanded the spectrum of newsletters I am operating to include, in recent days, CISpiritual, and, just today, CI Breaking. It may seem ambitious for me to endeavor to run all of these different newsletters, but it doesn’t require all that much effort. The platforms used are extremely quick and easy, and they consume only one day of my week to fill them with rich content.

To obtain the secrets of my personal online publishing success and apply them yourself, I have an incredibly useful Kindle booklet that won’t hurt your pocket to download. The booklet is short, succinct, substantive, and guaranteed to work for everyone from the humblest to the most ambitious bloggers. I encourage everyone to possess it as a manual. Evaluate it for yourself, and don’t forget to leave me your star rating on Amazon to direct other customers to its secrets.

Make Your Own Headlines (2014) via Amazon. For all my books, visit the full list here.

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