Lorsqu’on se pose vraiment les questions, on donne de meilleures réponses que si l’on se contente de lire les réponses convenues.

When you really ask yourself the questions, you give better answers than if we merely read the conventional answers.

Albert Messiah

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Once again, I would like to draw the attention of readers to my most recent publishing successes. These are my two book reviews, one of Assange’s When Google Met WikiLeaks (2014) and the other of Google’s The New Digital Age (2013). In addition to this, I am working on other essays of a different character that will be introduced in later posts, and a new Search Beyond series fiction horror story that should be ready in time for Halloween.

In case anyone has noticed the change already, I am doing a bit of re-branding. There’s no need to worry: you will still be able to find all my work under my real name Harry J. Bentham. My chief interests will continue to be global justice, modernity, futurism, and the value system informed by the internet.

Speaking of global justice, I invite you to sign the anti-TTIP petition aiming to abort the hostile, secret TTIP negotiations that aim to privatize the NHS. I also encourage you to donate to the 38 Degrees campaign linked there, if possible. It is highly in the public interest that this campaign of people-power is successful. Also, share word of this via social media to boost the impact.

With my re-branding, I am going to shift to openly using the handle Lordre in much of my online publishing, alongside my official pen-name as Harry J. Bentham. Already, I have purchased lordre.net to redirect to my Beliefnet blog.

My move to use the handle and name of Lordre throughout my online publishing is not intended to undermine any brands using the same or similar names, primarily a young French collectiv of musical artists called L’ordre. I have observed that no other individual author, activist or artist has yet used the name Lordre, which leaves it open for my use. The benefits of this will soon become clear.

My move to re-brand my work with the Lordre alias will take three forms. First, I have made changes at the newsletters I control, stating Lordre as the owner. These include this Beliefnet blog L’Ordre, and the two arms of ClubOfINFO Circulation: ClubOfINFO and Maquis Books. The former is used for circulating nonfiction material, and the latter for fiction material. Second, I will preface all future posts on this blog with “#lordre:” and sign them Lordre. Third, I intend to possibly release future books under the alias Lordre.

In addition to these actions, I will also try to create profiles at several websites using the handle Lordre. You can already find me using this handle at Patreon, where you can pledge to support my activities on the blogosphere already with tiny monthly $1 donations towards all my online content. Already, I dominate the #lordre hashtag on Twitter to promote this blog, and I intend to maintain this while increasing my visibility on search engines via “lordre” as a search term. I may also initiate certain publishing negotiations and networking actions under the alias Lordre, as I do already at the ClubOfINFO submission form, where you can submit articles for publication.

Above all, I must stress: my use of the name Lordre is solely for some tentative re-branding. Unlike many other internet writers, I do not hide behind false names. I will continue to publish under my real name as Harry J. Bentham wherever it is suitable and smarter to present a real name and accurate biography.

Keep an eye out for Lordre, as I use this name to re-brand.

Also, in case you haven’t already taken advantage of the offer, you can still get my novel The Traveller and Pandemonium at a discounted price from Amazon this weekend.

By Harry J. Bentham

Lordrelordre.net | about.me/lordre | patreon.com/lordre

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