Il ne s’agit pas alors de paresse, de laisser-aller. Bien au contraire, l’individu est tourmenté

It is not then laziness, sloppiness. On the contrary, the individual is tormented

Alfred Sauvy

The internet has changed publishing in ways that disproportionately empower many individuals who were traditionally powerless. The good caused by this is so radiant, that everything bad about the internet is irrelevant and not worth anyone’s concern. Having published at a very wide variety of different web-based publications starting as recently in March 2013, I have seen how a solid campaign can be created through which a blogger can go from having no platform at all, to utilizing the web as much as possible for the purpose of reaching an audience. And it can give you a voice, perhaps propel you into headline news, even if you have no money – absolutely nothing.

At one time, I attempted to distribute my ideas as a YouTuber, until I found that such an effort was not really where my strengths lay. After then, writing became my main focus. However, no single platform exists on the web (the way YouTube exists for people who want to be a successful vlogger) through which you can become a successful blogger. You have to use every platform available, to the maximum extent.

The sort of campaign I am talking about is the main subject of one my ebooks, Make Your Own Headlines, which tells you how to break through into online media as an expert blogger within six months by following six easily accomplished “phases”. The best thing about it is that you don’t need a budget, and I’ve even taken the price tag off the book itself this Sunday. You can get it from Amazon, here. Since writing this short book, I have also turned its expert content into a free online course with OpenLearning, and set up a campaign with Indiegogo to crowdfund similar self-publishing packages that I am considering creating in the future.

I believe in the democratic internet. By that, I mean that I reject all campaigns offered via the internet that help the rich get richer. Instead, I support only campaigns that enable the voiceless, the poor and the marginalized to express themselves and fulfill their interests, and my plan for helping you make headlines is zero-budget for exactly that reason. I feel strongly compelled to say this because (although I haven’t raised any donations on Indiegogo for Make Your Own Headlines) I have been bombarded repeatedly though every channel by scam artists offering to donate $5 to the crowdfunding campaign if I will pay them $10. As if this will even slightly impact the likelihood of the campaign raising any money, or do anything other than waste money that I don’t have in a vain attempt to raise even less money that I don’t have.

Make Your Own Headlines aimed to be aligned with everything good about the internet, and against everything bad about the internet. If the cost is that it doesn’t raise any cash on Indiegogo and actually wastes my own money, I can live with that, because I know it helps powerless and oppressed people gain more power.

By Harry J. Bentham

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