Qui définit le moment où j’écris?

How to define the moment that I write?

Michel Foucault

Next month it’s October. It may seem early, but it reminds me to draft a science fiction horror story for entering into the sort of literary competitions often seen on the web at Halloween. I was thinking of a new installment in my Search Beyond Series, which has already reached a total of four volumes, each containing as many as five individual short stories.

Here are my notes for possibly the creepiest story I could think of, to take place on the fictional star ship Traction featured in all the Search Beyond stories:

The Captain [George Sannox] is trapped in [an apparent] “zombie” outbreak on the ship, caused by a mysterious bat-like intruder. [Called the Navidian Plague, it causes blindness and tumorous growths around the eyes. The back-story would be that Sannox experienced an outbreak of the Plague at some point in his childhood, and was traumatized by it.]

In case this sounds riddled with clichés like all too many horror stories, I had an excellent twist in mind, but won’t reveal it here, in case readers prefer to discover it for themselves. Stay tuned to find out what happens.

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By Harry J. Bentham

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