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I believe that at the very root of our lives is the spiritual desire to learn, heal and grow and we do that through the experiences (or life lessons) we have. These life lessons are most often situations that occur in our relationships.

As conscious parents, we have the opportunity to help our children identify these life lessons early on and in doing so, we can also help them learn, heal and grow early too. Many adults are still working on the same life lessons. It’s not a criticism, it’s just that most of us are unconscious to the way our lives are set up and why they are set up like that. When you begin to look at life as a playground for learning, healing and growing, everything changes and it changes for the better.

The key to life lessons is to look for reoccurring patterns or dynamics in our kids’ lives.

  • Do they encounter the same type of child over and over again?
  • Do they have the same reaction to different situations, but the nature of the situation is the same?
  • Is it difficult for your child to be in the spotlight?
  • Do they doubt their own ability, when faced with a challenge?
  • Are they overly attached to people or things?

Within each of these experiences are some of the most common life lessons we are all trying to learn:

  • Stand in your truth – which includes knowing your truth, speaking your truth and living your truth
  • Self-validation – the ability to be full with your own energy, your information, your own truth and to know and believe in your own worth
  • Stand in your power –  the ability to draw upon your inner knowingness as a source of strength and certainty.


Growth comes when we have awareness and when we have tools to create change. The opportunity to help your child navigate their life lessons begins by being able to point them out.

So for example, in every class, day care and social setting, there has been one child who challenges him both physically and emotionally. The kid pushes, shoves or hits and/or uses harsh and mean words. I recognized early on that this type of kid was always going to show up in Caidin’s life until he learned what he was trying to learn. Much of it has to do with standing in his own power, knowing that he is strong and able to defend himself if he needs to. I think, but I’m not certain he took a really big step about a month ago when a kid kicked Caidin in the ribs and before the second kick could hit Caidin, he reflexively reached out and grabbed the kid’s foot, stopping him in his tracks. Although Caidin was hurt and frightened by the encounter, I could also see that he felt strong for having reacted as he did.

As a conscious parent, we can’t change or learn the lesson for our children. But with awareness we can point out the reoccurring themes and patterns and help arm our children with tools, skills and a level of understanding that will help them learn what they want to learn as early as possible.


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